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Binh Duong Province hotline system 1022 receives feedback about the Covid-19 epidemic 24/7
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​PORTAL – According to the Department of Information and Communications, currently Binh Duong Province hotline system 1022 (Contact center 1022) receives and clears information related to Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control throughout the province up for citizens, enterprises and organizations.

Mr Le Tuan Anh – Director of the Department of Information and Communications stated that Contact center 1022 was ready to receive feedback from citizens 24/7 to assist, handle information about Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control throughout the province in a fastest manner. To receive information through Contact center 1022 helps reduce the pressure for information reception system about the epidemic situation of localities. All personal information of citizens will be protected in order to prevent behaviors which violate legitimate rights and benefits of information providers.

According to statistics of the Department of Information and Communications, from the 4th epidemic, Contact center 1022 has received 8,755 calls; 502 messages through Zalo, Fanpage and 70 pieces of feedback through Email, Portal 1022 related to Covid-19 epidemic situation, prevention and control of the province. Contact center 1022 has directly replied all information, at the same time transferred to functional sectors to answers questions of citizens, enterprises about relevant information. The ratio of handling feedback, recommendations reaches 90%.

To send feedback to Contact center 1022, citizens can conduct through 07 methods:

1.     Call Contact center 1022 (for telephone, please press: 1022; for mobile phone, please press: 0274.1022)

2.     Send messages through Zalo Binh Duong Smartcity;

3.     Give feedback on mobile App "1022 - Binh Duong:;

4.     Access Fanpage: Binh Duong Portal (

5.     Interact on Viber of Binh Duong Province: viber://pa/info?uri=binhduongsmartcity;

6.     Access Binh Duong Portal:;

7.     Send emails to Email box 1022:

Reported by Mai Xuan - Translated by Nguyen Trang


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