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Binh Duong: Immediately implementing key and comprehensive solutions to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic
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​PORTAL – The Secretary of Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi requests the Party Civil Affairs Committee of the Provincial People's Committee and leaders of the Provincial People's Committee to continue directing the immediate implementation of a number of key tasks and solutions to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Accordingly, directing the armed forces to coordinate with socio-political organizations, districts, towns and cities to prepare combat plans, inspect the strict implementation of social distancing, and strengthen the force to patrol, inspect and strictly handle violations; ensuring that the quarantine checkpoints work effectively and substantively, strictly control people and vehicles entering and leaving the province, district, commune, quarter, hamlet, factory, and enterprise in accordance with regulations on social distancing. The provincial police make a written report, requesting the Ministry of Public Security to assist and support the force during the province's implementation of Directive 16.

More speeding in large-scale testing, epidemiological investigation, tracing, quarantine, sampling, places that have been tested and screened must be locked down, and controlled people entering and leaving; returning the test results to people and workers within 12 hours.

There is a written request to the Ministry of Health, Hanoi Medical University, Truong Hai Auto Corporation, etc. to provide aid and support more forces, means and equipment for the province in the pandemic prevention and control.

At the same time, the Department of Construction is assigned to continue to survey and invest in expanding a 10,000-bed concentrated quarantine area and a 3,000-bed patient treatment area to promptly respond to the worsening pandemic situation in the coming time. Districts, towns and cities actively treat and quarantine cases of F0, F1, do not transfer these cases to other localities, requisition all schools in the province as local treatment and quarantine areas.

The Department of Transport cooperates with the Provincial Police, the Department of Information and Communications, the Department of Health and the districts, towns and cities to make health declarations during departure and arrival by QR code at the checkpoints; deploy the granting of badges, green directional distribution for vehicles serving the supply of essential goods circulating in the province.

The Department of Industry and Trade coordinates with units and localities to connect and circulate goods between provinces and cities, ensuring the supply of essential consumer goods and stabilizing the prices of market items.

The Department of Health assigns to be in charge of taking samples for testing and coordinating the sampling force in the whole province; ensuring necessary conditions and medical equipment for the Covid-19 prevention and control at the checkpoints in the province.

In addition, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee agreed to give priority to the forces supplying essential goods to serve the people, workers in pandemic prevention and control, officials, civil servants and public employees (especially medical staff in performing pandemic prevention and control tasks) to travel to serve work requirements during the implementation of the province-wide distancing according to Directive 16, but must ensure pandemic prevention and control. The Provincial Police is assigned to coordinate with the Department of Transport to notify the forces on duty to support the above cases to be given priority to pass through at quarantine checkpoints.

Investing in 60 ventilators for the treatment of Covid-19 patients from advocacy and budget support. Immediately, the Provincial General Hospital urgently makes a list of ventilators that need investment and sends it to the provincial Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front for coordination.

At the same time, implementing the plan to strengthen the force of the checkpoints and Covid-19 prevention and control activities in the province as proposed by the Provincial Police.

Reported by Doan Trang - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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