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On July 24, 2021, Binh Duong holds a Launching ceremony of vaccination and large-scale disinfection spray
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​PORTAL - It is expected that at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 24, 2021, at the Provincial Military Command, the Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control in Binh Duong Province will hold the Launching ceremony of vaccination and large-scale disinfection spray to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic in the province.

The launching ceremony aims to promptly inform all classes of people about the campaign of large-scale vaccination and disinfection spray to prevent Covid-19 pandemic in the province. Thereby, encouraging, mobilizing, spreading, calling all classes of people to stand side by side with the Party executive committees and local authorities in implementing the plan of vaccination, disinfection spray and strictly complying with the regulations on the Covid-19 prevention and control, soon quelling the pandemic and bringing the activities of social life back to the normal state.

Attending the ceremony were leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, Provincial Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front; Command, Staff of the 4th Corps; member of the Provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control; Coordination subcommittee on testing and vaccination for Covid-19 prevention and control in Binh Duong province and representatives of a number of related units.

After the Launching ceremony, the Vaccination team of the following units: Provincial Center for Disease Control, Medical Center of Thu Dau Mot City, Medical Stations of Phu Loi and Phu Hoa wards will carry out vaccination as planned. 08 improved vehicle crews of the provincial armed forces; 04 vehicle crews of 4th Corps' chemical unit; the force in charge of manual disinfection spray of Thu Dau Mot City Military Command will conduct disinfection spray on a large scale.

The Steering Committee requests the units to step up the propaganda; close cooperate between forces, branches and levels, carefully prepare the conditions for the Ceremony to take place well; ensure the safety of people and vehicles during the performance of tasks.

Reported by Phuong Chi-Translated by Nguyen Trang 

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