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Businesses actively support funding for the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control
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18/06/2021 | Thanh Hung

PORTAL - In the face of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to share difficulties with the epidemic prevention and control force and the people, many businesses in the province have actively supported materially and economically fees with the highest sense of responsibility. All in order to contribute more resources to control and repel the epidemic, maintain and develop production and business.

According to preliminary statistics of Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, total donation received of phase 1 for the Covid-19 prevention and control was nearly 84 billion VND, in which, business community in the province contributed a huge part.


Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee and Mr. Nguyen Van Hung - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Becamex IDC witness the signing ceremony of the sponsorship agreement

Especially, Becamex IDC Corporation donated 65 billion VND. Leaders of Becamex IDC affirmed that this time joining hands to support the Covid-19 prevention and control is one of their community-based activities to demonstrate a spirit of solidarity and mutual affection, helping each other. Becamex IDC believed that, with the drastic direction of the Government, the consensus of departments, mass organizations and the whole people, Viet Nam would soon win against the pandemic.

Previously, through Provincial Red Cross Society, P&G Viet Nam Company donated 3.54 billion VND to Binh Duong, of which 3 billion VND in cash and 540 million VND in products. Mr. Sai Ramana Ponugoti, General Director of P&G Viet Nam, said that the company always put the health and safety of employees on top, they are making efforts together with provincial government to control the pandemic well. In addition, the company strives to supply to the market, including products to help people protect themselves and the community against the epidemic.


P&G Vietnam Company awards more than 3.5 billion VND to support pandemic prevention and control for Binh Duong province

Unifarm have contributed 1 billion VND to disease prevention control fund of Provincial Fatherland Front Committee. This contribution showed social responsibility of the company, wished the frontline forces to remain steadfast, and Binh Duong in particular and the whole country in general would soon return to the normal condition. A leader of Binh Duong Water - Environment Joint Stock Company (Biwase), also said that in response to the call of Fatherland Front of the Central and the province, Biwase transferred VND 500 million to support the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund, including 200 million VND to Binh Duong, 300 million VND to the Central.

Binh Duong is an industrially developing province, with large numbers of enterprises, workers and foreign experts. Thanks to the involvement of both political system and the people, the epidemic situation in the province is basically safe. He expressed deep gratitude to businesses, organizations and individuals who made materially and spiritually support for the disease prevention and control work. Binh Duong is committed to fully summarizing, publicizing all donations, being transparent and using donations for the right purposes to gain practical efficiency.

With a wish that all Vietnamese people, especially disadvantaged workers, get vaccinated, Binh Duong Provincial Labor Federation hopes to receive the support of business communities in the whole province. All donations will be transferred by Provincial Labor Confederation to Provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front and Golden Heart Fund to buy Covid-19 vaccines and carry out epidemic prevention work.

Leaders of Binh Duong province believe that, with the joint support of businesses, the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic in the province will be effective.

Information to receive support

Via account at the State Treasury:

Account Name: Fatherland Front Committee of Binh Duong province (Relief Committee)

Account number: 3751.0.9040519.00000

At the State Treasury of Binh Duong

Via bank account:

Account Name: Fatherland Front Committee of Binh Duong province (Relief Committee)

Account number: 1021470698

At Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) - Binh Duong branch

To receive goods, objects

- Center for Disease Control of Binh Duong Province, no. 209, Yersin Street, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province (Tel: 0918.409.368 - Dr. Tien)

- Location to receive support for Covid-19 prevention and control of Binh Duong provincial Red Cross Society, no. 104, 30/4 street, Phu Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong (Tel: 0888.553546 - Official Hung).

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