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Propagating Month of campaigning for implementation of universal Social Insurance in 2021
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​PORTAL - Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee promulgates plan of social insurance (SI) propaganda on the occasion of Month of campaigning for implementation of universal social insurance in 2021.

Accordingly, with the theme "Social insurance for everyone", focusing on communicating the contents of the social insurance regime, the position, role, humanistic meaning of SI policy; special emphasis is placed on the value and benefits of participating in voluntary SI. Propagating and directly mobilizing employees working in the informal sectors to participate in voluntary SI through the launch of the Month of campaigning, deploying and developing subjects participating in voluntary SI as well as organizing small groups to directly propagate and mobilize people to participate in voluntary SI throughout the province (need to ensure the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control as prescribed); Or propagating in the mass media by news, articles, reportages, posting or broadcasting stories, reportages, pictures, skits, plays, good example of good people, good deeds, etc. with positive content about social insurance.

At the same time, propagandizing and improving the responsibilities of Party executive committees and local authorities at all levels in the organization and implementation of SI policies; lines and policies of the Party and policies and laws of the State on SI and health insurance (HI). Thereby, affirming the deep concern and leadership and direction of the Party, National Assembly and Government for the cause of social security for the entire people.

The provincial social security agency shall coordinate with the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to direct and guide district-level social security agencies to develop and implement appropriate local propaganda plans.

Along with that, coordinating with relevant branches to develop the plan to implement the targets of developing SI participants, the rate of HI coverage per population; coverage rate of SI and unemployment insurance per labor force. Strengthening the inspection and supervision of the use of HI funds, proposing solutions to effectively use medical examination and treatment funds at medical examination and treatment facilities covered by HI, ensuring the interests of HI participants according to regulations; Promoting reform of administrative procedures, application of information technology in professional activities; instructing to set up and use VssID- Digital SI, connecting and sharing data with relevant agencies and organizations performing level 4 online public services in the field of SI.

At the same time, advising on solutions to develop participants in voluntary SI and household HI through consolidating and maintaining the activities of authorized collectors of or SI and HI and their staffs in neighborhoods and villages; expanding collection agents through the system of mass organizations and economic organizations with legal entities; solution to reach the rate of 100% of students participating in compulsory HI as prescribed.​

Reported by Doan Trang - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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