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Vietnamese-German University: Many valuable scholarship programs for new students
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​PORTAL - Vietnamese-German University (VGU), as a public university under the association between Vietnam Government and Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, has many particular conditions and opportunities on curriculum, teachers, exchange learning and scholarships. Thanks to system of diverse and attractive scholarships, many VGU students have opportunities to learn and experience European standard education program in Vietnam.

​​First of all, Merit Scholarship should be mentioned. In VGU, this is the most popular and prestigious scholarship which shall be granted to both candidates admitted in the first year and students learning in the university, basing on the entrance exam achievements or the excellent learning results in the academic year. The Merit Scholarship shall be granted to 25% students in the university, not limiting faculties and majors, with levels equivalent to 30%, 50%, to 100% tuition of the whole year.

This is the striving target of many students in the university, and many of them achieve scholarships in many consecutive years. Student Le My Linh – Electricity Engineering and Information Technology Major, course 2019 said: "With two consecutive years of 100% Merit Scholarship (for general academic year and the first year), I feel very happy because I can prove that my time is invested reasonably. During the studying process, it is necessary to change the investment in each period, and before any exam, I should go through many practices in order to make a plan to overcome my weakness and develop my strength."

WUS Scholarship is the adversity overcoming scholarship in order to support finance for students who gain excellent studying achievements, have difficult economic situation and matriculated at VGU. The scholarship is sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Energy, Traffic and Local Development, State of Hessen, the Federal Republic of Germany (HMWEVL). With value from 1.000EUR – 3.000EUR for each scholarship, this really is a great support for students.


VGU fully equips appliances to serve students' learning process

The subjects applied are first-year students with good academic achievements and difficult situation from 07 Bachelor training program including: Electricity Engineering and Information Technology (EEIT); Mechanical Engineering (ME); Computer Science (CS); Architecture (Arch); Construction Engineering (CE); Finance and Accounting (FA); Business Administration (BA).

In order to receive the scholarships, eligible students shall have to prepare scholarship application profile to submit to the review board for consideration. Ms Pham Luu Minh Uyen – a student in Business Administration major, course 2018 said: "In VGU, any scholarship information will be sent to students, and this is the reason why I know about WUS Scholarship. After seeing scholarship conditions, I am very happy because I am eligible to apply for the scholarship. I carefully prepared Motivation Letter and the required documents. Luckily, I am one of the selected students to be granted WUS 2019. When I received the news, I was extremely happy and proud. Thanks to the scholarship, my studying process becomes easier because I can support my family a part of tuition and take part in my desired courses."


The 50ha campus of VGU is about to come into operation at Thoi Hoa Ward, Ben Cat Town

Besides, VGU develops scholarship program of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). DAAD is an organization which promotes student and scientist exchange programs. In fact, DAAD is a leading organization which supports finance for academic exchange activities. DAAD represents 231 universities and institutes of higher education of Germany with over 500 representative offices in almost 100 countries.  Annually, DAAD directly grants some scholarships to VGU students (usually about 20% for each major) who come to exchange and do final semester theses in German partner universities.   This scholarship includes air ticket cost (about 775EUR) and monthly living expenses (650EUR for university students) during the studying time in Germany.              

The competitive level for this scholarship is higher than other scholarships. Students shall have not only good academic and extracurricular achievements, but also soft skills to succeed in the scholarship interview.

Beside three scholarship programs mentioned above, VGU has many other scholarships from international organizations as well as enterprises every year.

Dr. Ha Thuc Vien – Vice Rector of VGU said that the studying opportunities in this university were very high and always open to all candidates. Annually, VGU always has attractive scholarship programs for students. This is the motivation for students to strive for learning and practicing.

Reported by Mai Xuan - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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