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Enterprises strengthen disease prevention and control
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11/06/2021 | Thanh Hung

PORTAL - In the face of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses in the province are absolutely not negligent, subjective, and fully prepare plans, scenarios and resources to ensure availability. ready to perform well the prevention and control of epidemics in all situations.

Recommended that businesses need to activate the highest level of epidemic prevention control, develop a master scenario for response and handling actions when there are employees infected with Covid-19. However, businesses need to calmly implement measures to prevent, detect, isolate, localize, stamp out and treat the pandemic.

Department of Industry and Trade had sent a document to industry associations, supermarkets, shopping centers and businesses to demand the serious implementation of epidemic prevention and control at offices, factories and enterprises; maintain regular disinfection at workplace, temperature measurement for all workers before entering factories; install hand sanitizer dispensers; provide face masks for workers; implement the "5K" message of Ministry of Health.

Companies need to instruct employees to install Bluezone mobile app to get warning of suspected infected persons; organize for employees to make mandatory medical declarations at ward- or commune-level health stations or make online voluntary medical declarations on Ncovi mobile app for employees returning to work after day-offs.  In addition, it is necessary to promptly provide information related to the epidemic situation and company's activities for the authorities in order to effectively support the disease prevention and control work.

To companies participating in market stabilization and distribution, such as supermarkets, shopping centers, convenience stores, conventional markets, in addition to continuing to stabilize the essential goods market, ensure the supply of goods to serve the people, it is necessary to coordinate with local authorities to develop a plan to supply goods to areas subject to quarantine; while strictly implementing measures to prevent, control and assess contagious risks at shopping centers, supermarkets and markets under the guidance of Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Health; It is compulsory for all staff and people to wear face masks when working and shopping.

Enterprises having a large number of workers are easy to form large outbreaks with a high risk of cross-infection. If an outbreak occurs in companies, it will greatly affect production and business activities, as well as the lives and jobs of laborers.


Enterprises take measures to prevent and control epidemics at the company. Photo: Workers of Far Eastern Apparel Vietnam Co., Ltd. have their temperature checked when going to work

In order to prevent and control the epidemic, enterprises pay great attention to the quality of shift meals and improve body immunity of employees. With a very large number of workers (more than 2,000 workers), the company rearranged their dining hall, set up partitions, ensure a safe distance, equipped with hand sanitizer, install more hand washing basins near workshops for employees to wash their hands regularly. In addition, the company also installed body temperature monitors, carry out daily medical declarations, advised workers not to go to epidemic areas during rest time, and avoid crowded gatherings.

All localities are now also seriously and urgently directing companies, factories, and industrial parks to regularly update their self-assessment of epidemic prevention control work, especially enterprises outside industrial parks.

In addition to strengthen inspection and guidance, local administrations also strengthened information management, encourage enterprises to focus on production, avoid production suspension, workers returning to their hometown, that would make the situation even more unsafe.

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