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Ensuring the 2021 High school Exam to be absolutely safe and of high quality
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​PORTAL - On the afternoon of June 08, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong province, Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Member of the Provincial Standing Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee chaired a meeting of the provincial Steering Committee for the 2021 High School (HS) Graduation Exam.

​​As reported by the provincial Department of Education and Training (DOET), the 2021 HS Exam in the province has 13,611 candidates registered to take the exam. In which, 629 candidates only registered for consideration of graduation; 12,533 candidates registered for consideration of graduation and entrance exam; 449 candidates registered for entrance exam only.

The exam will take place officially on July 07 and 08, 2021 and will be arranged at 25 exam locations. In which, 19 exam locations are located at high schools of districts, towns and cities; 05 test points are located at secondary schools and 01 exam location is located at the Center for Vocational Education – Continuing Education of Dau Tieng district.

The cooperation with committees, branches and localities; the preparation of personnel, material and technical facilities, data files, Copies of exam questions, exam Boards, etc. are all implemented promptly, seriously, honestly and in accordance with regulations.

Along with the careful preparation of conditions for the exam, the province has paid special attention to the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control and to ensure the safety of candidates, exam staff and the community. Strictly following the direction of Central Ministries and branches, it is expected that candidates who are F1, F2 and are in the medical quarantine area will not come to the exam room and will be arranged for the exam later. Those who come to the exam location and show signs of cough, fever or illness will be assigned to a separate exam room. In addition, the DOET has also made contingency plans for exam locations, officials, examination staff, exam rooms, etc. to prevent unexpected problems. Depending on the actual situation in the localities, the DOET arranges exam preparation online or directly at schools accordingly; ensuring the quality of exam preparation for candidates and the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control.


Overview of the meeting

Speaking to direct at the meeting, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Loc Ha asked the DOET to review the system of facilities and equipment for the exam. At the same time, closely coordinating with departments, branches and localities to prepare all contingency plans so that the exam takes place in absolute safety and seriousness, avoiding errors; organizing support activities to create the best conditions for candidates to have a comfortable mind to enter the exam. The Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee emphasized that the organization of this year's exam should ensure two main goals: ensuring the effectiveness of Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control and not affecting the exam quality. Therefore, it is recommended that each branch and unit urgently develop specific action plans and have contingency plans to avoid passive situations; strictly follow the direction of the Prime Minister but flexibly according to the actual situation in the locality.

  Reported by Doan Trang - Translated by Nguyen Trang

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