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Provincial leaders work with the Standing Committee of Di An City Party Committee
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01/03/2021 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - On the morning of February 26, the delegation of Binh Duong province led by Mr. Tran Van Nam - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Deputies had a meeting with the Standing Committee of Di An City Party Committee. Attending the meeting were Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and leaders of departments, committees and branches.

​​At the meeting, Di An City Party Committee reported to the provincial leaders on the socio-economic development, the work of ensuring national defense and security and building the local political system. In 2020, despite many difficulties and challenges, especially the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, with the leadership and drastic direction of the Di An City Party Committee and effective management of the City People's Committee, most of the city's basic targets have met and exceeded the proposed plan, national defense - security has been maintained, the building of the political system has been strengthened.


Representative of Di An city leaders reports to the Delegation at the meeting

Also at the meeting, Di An city raised difficulties such as the termination of contracts with 59 professional employees (accounting for 1/3 of the number of city's cadres and civil servants), causing many difficulties for the administration and handling of the affairs of the city. In addition, the local budget revenue did not meet the estimate assigned by the province, leading to difficulties in the budget expenditure process of the city.

The locality also recommended the province to solve problems related to the granting of land use right certificates for spontaneous subdivisions, embellishment of spontaneous housing areas and points in the province; investment in the construction of infrastructure works, etc.


Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Tran Van Nam speaks at the meeting

Mr. Tran Van Nam acknowledged and praised the results that Di An City has achieved in all aspects in 2020 and highly appreciated the directions that the locality has set in the coming time. Regarding the difficulties and recommendations of Di An City, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee requested all levels and branches to promptly resolve them, both ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of local administration and complying with regulations of the Central Government. For the issue of solving spontaneous subdivisions, it is necessary to accelerate the embellishment, enhance the responsibility for people and subjects who stand out subdivision in the embellishment process, the embellishment must be done in the area easy first, difficult later, but ensuring compliance with planning.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee noted that the locality needs to do well in the management and use of public land. In urban development, socialization must be promoted, social resources must be mobilized for investment in technical and social infrastructure, problems and difficulties in land management and construction should be focused on solving. In addition, Di An City needs to continue promoting the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control, paying attention to the digital transformation in state management; have good management measures for high-rise apartment buildings, especially security and order. Paying attention to building a clean and strong Party Committee, etc.

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