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Organizing celebration activities, Tan Suu Lunar New Year 2021
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06/01/2021 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - The Provincial People's Committee issued a Directive on Organizing celebration activities, Tan Suu Lunar New Year 2021.

​​Accordingly, agencies and units implement drastically, synchronously and effectively solutions for Covid-19 disease prevention and control, absolutely not being subjective, neglect, and raise responsibility for the leaders, not let disease occur in the community. At the same time, promoting production, business, socio-economic development, ensuring national defense and security, building and implementing emulation movements to fulfill the objectives, targets, plans for 2021.

Right after Tet holiday, the heads of units quickly return their operations to normal, not to affect activities of people and businesses. Implement the Plan No. 6045 / KH-UBND dated December 11, 2020 of the Provincial People's Committee on organizing activities to celebrate major holidays and activities to serve Tan Suu Lunar New Year 2021; pay attention, give mind to improve and visit families of Vietnamese Heroic Mother, policy families, people with meritorious services, poor households, workers, social objects, armed forces units, ensuring everyone to welcome Tet holiday with joyfulness, warmness, health and safety. The settlement of regimes and policies for subjects must be completed before January 27, 2021.

Regularly monitor developments in the commodity market, prices of essential goods, security and order, social safety, traffic safety, fire and explosion prevention and fighting, and proactively take measures to handle situations, avoid being passive. Heads of agencies, units and organizations are responsible for any law violations occurring in their respective localities or fields. During Tet holidays, it is necessary to assign personnel to be on duty of the unit, to promptly and effectively handle all arising tasks and situations; strictly comply with the regime of information, reporting and consulting with directions when necessary. Heads of units must organize the leadership, not turn off mobile phones for communication when having duty to handle arising problems.

The State administrative agencies thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the direction that do not use the budget to organize visiting, greeting New Year, and giving gifts to leaders of agencies and units at all levels; do not use public means and property for personal activities during Tet holiday or festivals.

The units improve their responsibilities, coordinate to seriously implement and report the situation of Tet holiday to the Provincial People's Committee according to the above-mentioned tasks, in particular, the People's Committees of districts, towns and cities fully report on the contents related to the preparation of Tet holiday in the locality, send the electronic files to the address:; detail is as follows: Duty schedule of the agency and report on the situation before Tet holiday will be sent on the morning of February 8, 2021 (Tuesday, December 27 lunar calendar); reports on assessing the situation of Tet holiday, the things that can be done and which have not been done and clearly analyzed the causes of limitations according to the functions and tasks of each unit.

For unexpected arising issues, units urgently report via fax: 3822174, email: or phone: 3822200, 3827894, Chief of the Provincial People's Committee Office: 0913.951.042, Deputy Head of General Department: 0983.831.801.

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