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VNTT deploys eDatacenter system in building Binh Duong Smart City
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23/12/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - Grasping the trend of constant innovation of Vietnam and the world in the fields of economics, start-ups, innovation, Binh Duong province continues to make a breakthrough to enter the Smart City development period, aiming to increase economic added value, shifting to technology production, high quality services, towards knowledge economy - digital economy.

​​Along with investing in infrastructure, completing the reform of administrative procedures, Binh Duong has also promoted the socialization of investment in telecommunications infrastructure - information technology, namely eDatacenter which is invested by Vietnam Technology and Communication Joint Stock Company (VNTT) – a Member of Becamex IDC in the center of Binh Duong New City with TIA942/Tier 3 standards for geographical location and availability over 99.98%, based on operating procedures in accordance with ISO 9001/ISO 27001 and a modern security system consisting of multiple layers of continuous monitoring.

Based on GPON modern fiber optic technology, eDatacenter VNTT optimally meets the platforms of Binh Duong Smart City.

cql vaktv VNTT.jpg

VNTT managers and technicians during the training trip at NTTEast Japan

The SD-WAN solution platform coming with the stable broadband fiber optic network provided by eDatacenter VNTT simplifies the deployment of wide area network, not being affected by geographic distributed location. The VNTT SD-WAN solution will help enterprises optimize the "traffic" flow while saving the expenses for maintaining network transmission lines.

In the era of the Internet boom, digital transformation has comprehensively changed the way an enterprise operates, eDatacenter VNTT is a trustworthy partner for enterprises to choose to locate servers, rent servers, rent data backup service, etc. to ensure a smooth digital transformation, increase cooperation efficiency, optimize performance and bring higher value to customers. More than 10 years of deployment to provide data center infrastructure services and cloud computing, VNTT has researched and developed a diversified service ecosystem with more than 20 services in many fields, helping domestic organizations and enterprises to catch up with the global advanced technology trend, readying a solid IT infrastructure for the National digital transformation goal.


Basic goals towards a Smart City in the future

In addition to using AI in optimizing work efficiency, saving costs and time, organizations can further cut costs with cloud technologies and Blockchain technology, the platform that eDatacenter VNTT's infrastructure system can secure thanks to high-performance data storage, security and other synchronization support. Combining with Big data hierarchy by enhancing traceability, transparency to give users all information about a product journey.

Being considered as a technological breakthrough of the 21st century, IoT is used in building smart city models to manage and operate the city as well as improve the quality of life for people. 

Based on eDatacenter VNTT's database infrastructure, Binh Duong Smart City in the future, will be a city applying information and communication technology to connect sensors, high-speed wireless networks, and large data processing to improve the quality of life.

The future of urbanization is the development of smart cities and eDatacenter VNTT is the heart and platform in the development of Binh Duong Smart City. 

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