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Launching the application "VssID - Digital Social Insurance" on mobile devices
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23/11/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - On the afternoon of November 16, in Hanoi, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended the launching ceremony of the application "VssID - Digital Social Insurance" on mobile devices which was organized online by the Vietnam Social Insurance Agency (Social Insurance) to 63 broadcast stations of social insurance of provinces and cities and nearly 700 broadcast stations at social insurance of districts, towns and cities over the country.

​​At Binh Duong broadcast station, there were leaders of the provincial social insurance agency and representatives of departments and agencies attending the ceremony.

VssID - Digital social insurance is a product of the digital transformation ecosystem of Vietnam social insurance industry to serve the people. The VssID application currently provides essential utilities and information such as: Monitoring the participation process, benefit history, policies of social insurance and health insurance; looking up information such as social insurance codes, social insurance agencies, medical examination and treatment facilities with health insurance certificate and collection points, collection agents of voluntary social insurance and household health insurance; 24/7 support service, etc.

Using the VssID application, users can also perform the monitoring role of the employer's obligation to pay social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance (UI) to employees, contribute to publicity and transparency of information and limit the status of debt payment, evasion of payment for social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance for employees of units and enterprises.

At the same time, the VssID application is also a communication channel that fully and promptly provides information on social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance policies so that users can see the human values of welfare policies of the Party and the State.


Delegates attend at Binh Duong broadcast station


Delegates learn about the application "VssID - Digital Social Insurance" on mobile devices

Delivering a speech after pressing the button to release application, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that the introduction of application is a powerful and practical step in administrative reform and information technology application of the social insurance industry, contributing to national digital strategy and e-Government development. By providing this app, Vietnam Social Insurance has demonstrated its pioneering spirit in efforts to facilitate the people.

The Prime Minister acknowledged and praised the Vietnam Social Insurance for its continuous efforts over the past time to research and apply modern technology to the industry's activities to bring benefits to participants and beneficiaries of regimes, policies of social insurance and health insurance. Currently, the coverage of social insurance has been expanded, increasing by more than 1.3 times compared to 2015, accounting for nearly 33% of the workforce by 2020; the rate of participation in health insurance increased from 76.5% in 2015 to about 91% in 2020. This is respectable result.

The application "VssID - Digital Social Insurance" works on smartphones, tablets using Android 4.1 or iOS 9.0 and higher. Users can access 2 application stores of these operating systems and do a search with the keyword "VssID" and perform the same steps to download and install other applications. Once installed, users start the application by pressing the app's icon on the mobile device screen. Users must have an electronic transaction account of social insurance to log in and use the features and utilities of the application. Specifically, do the following steps:

Step 1: To login and use the functions and utilities of the app, users need to register an electronic transaction account with the social insurance agency. To register an electronic transaction account with the social insurance agency, users access the link and follow the instructions (fill in the correct phone number to confirm registration information and OTP codes for future transactions).

Step 2: After registering an online e-transaction account, users print the Declaration (sign and write full name), submit the Declaration at the dossier receiving section of the social insurance agency (at the agency that the user selected when registering in the Declaration); Present ID card / Citizen card / Passport to verify information.

Step 3: In case the dossier is valid, the system will issue and activate the personal account to use electronic transactions with the social insurance agency. The public service portal of Vietnam Social Insurance sends a notice of approval with information about the electronic social insurance transaction account to the email address (if any) and sends a message to the registered phone number after receiving the full registration records. Individuals are responsible for changing the account password issued for the first time and changing the password at least every 6 months to ensure safety and security.

- In case the dossier is invalid, the Public Service Portal of Vietnam Social Insurance sends a notice of refusal to accept the registration for using electronic transaction to the email address (if any) and send a message to registered phone number after providing the reason for disapproval of application. Individuals base on this notice to complete the registration information.

For any questions, please contact the Customer Support Call Center of Vietnam Social Insurance via no. 1900.9068 or come to the nearest social insurance agency for support.​

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