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Strengthen the prevention and fight against crimes on high interest rate and black credit
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23/11/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - Binh Duong is a province with fast socio-economic development which attracts a large number of workers across the country to live and work. In addition, there are also many subjects who take advantage of Binh Duong province as the place of committing illegal acts, causing insecurity. The crimes on high interest rate is recently emerging in civil transactions and criminal activity related to black credit. Facing the above situation, the provincial police have actively built many plans and solutions to fight and prevent.

According to the report, the crime of lending with high interest rate in civil transactions and other crimes related to black credit activities in the province is relatively complicated with many sophisticated operation methods and tricks to approach borrowers such as sending business cards, flyers with the content "installment loans", "financial assistance", "consumer lending", etc.

These subjects often operate in small, mobile groups, work under the name of financial leasing companies, mortgage collateral, etc. When people need to borrow money, these subjects use different types of contracts such as land use right transfer contract, car and motorbike sale and rental contract, etc. In the event that the debtors are insolvent, they will use debt collection measures such as: Letting criminals pressure, intimidate, use force, throw paint, dirt into the house or drag crowds of people to their own homes, threaten phone calls, swear, or tortur. In many cases, the debt collectors commit acts of intentionally causing injury, illegally arresting people, and appropriating property.


Functional forces work with subjects who lend high interest rate and black credit

According to Colonel Mr. Tran Van Chinh - Deputy Director, Head of Binh Duong Investigation Police Agency, in the period of 2018-2020, Binh Duong Provincial Police received 44 cases, 90 related subjects to black credit operations, thereby prosecuting 37 cases, 75 subjects, administrative sanctions of 02 cases, 05 subjects. With the crime of lending high interest rate in civil transactions, they received 38 cases, 65 subjects, of which 29 were prosecuted, 50 were prosecuted.​

In the coming time, Binh Duong Provincial Police will build many new solutions in preventing and combating crime of high interest loans in civil transactions and other crimes related to black credit activities, contributing to ensuring the security in the area, bringing peace of life for people.

In addition to the fight and prevention for the crime of lending with high interest in civil transactions and other crimes related to black credit activities, the Provincial Police also flexibly uses propaganda methods, mobilizes people to be alert to this crime such as: Organizing propaganda sessions for people right in the residential community, workers, motels, distributing leaflets, etc.

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