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Improve the quality of grassroots-level security protection force
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23/11/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL- On November 13, in Thu Dau Mot City, Colonel Mr. Nguyen Van Dut - Deputy Director of the Provincial Police Department presided over and worked with the specialized supervision team of the Provincial People's Council on the operation of grassroots-level security protection forces in Binh Duong province, led by Ms. Nguyen Truong Nhat Phuong - General Counsel of Provincial People's Council.

According to reports, Binh Duong currently has 42/42 communes that assign regular police force with a total of 211 comrades; 49 street civil guard committees with more than 2,000 members; 91/91 communes, wards and townships have the militia teams with more than 720 members.

During the operation, the forces have gradually strengthened the organization, the operational apparatus and equipment for work. The forces have good coordination and exchange of information to ensure security and order at the facility; and mobilize and propagate for the masses to abide by the Party's undertakings and policies, the laws of the State and the "All-People movement to protect the national security" movement, prevent and fight crimes, all people unite to build cultural life in the residential area, etc.

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Colonel Mr. Nguyen Van Dut - Deputy Director of Provincial Public Security reports on the operation of the grassroots-level security protection forces​

In recent years, the forces have coordinated well with the police force in patrolling, controlling to ensure security, participating in resolving conflicts and disputes within the people, inspecting the compliance of temporary residence, temporary absence, checking demographics. In addition, when there is a complicated security incident in the area, these forces are present in time to stabilize the situation of security, protect the scene, participate in the rescue of the victim, arrest the caught offender.

In order for the forces to operate effectively that contribute to ensuring the security situation at the grassroots-level, every year, the provincial police regularly organize training courses, professional retraining for the communal police force, street civil guard, militia forces. Activities and policies of the part-time commune police force continue to be implemented in accordance with regulations.

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