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The Central survey, study to build loan projects for investment in social housing construction
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17/11/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - On the morning of November 12, at Binh Duong Administrative Center, Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee welcomed and worked with the survey team of Vietnam Bank for Social Policies led by Mr. Ha Quang Hung - The Deputy Director of the Housing and Real Estate Market Management Department, the Ministry of Construction on loan projects for investment in social housing construction (Social Housing).

According to the report of the Provincial People's Committee, in the period 2016-2020, Binh Duong needs to invest in 2,002,415m2 of social housing floor (excluding public housing for cadres, civil servants, public employees, housing for people with meritorious services to the revolution, resettlement housing). Up to now, the province has invested in construction of about 1,305,850 m2 of housing floors, reaching about 65% of the plan, including: 250,000 m2 of social housing have been completed by businesses; 1,055,850 m2 of social housing, houses for workers have been invested by Becamex IDC. The whole province has 22 commercial housing projects that reserve 20% of residential land to build social housing with a total residential land area of 64.53 ha.

The working session overview​

Statistics show 11 projects with non-budget capital sources, the lowest selling price is 5.6 million VND / m2 and the highest is 14.89 million VND / m2. Up to now, the branch of the provincial Bank for Social Policies signed credit contracts and disbursed for 101 customers with the total amount of 42 billion VND; The Provincial Housing Development Fund disburses for 01 social housing project with a loan of 73 billion VND.

Assessing the development of social housing over the past time, according to the Provincial People's Committee, the development of social housing has not yet met the actual requirements; has not mobilized many economic sectors and social resources to invest in building social housing.

Discussing on policies, difficulties and problems in the development of social housing, Binh Duong proposes the Government to consider continuing to supplement capital sources for beneficiaries of preferential loans to invest in building social housing, buying social housing; At the same time, consider increasing the loan period from 20 years or more, open loan policy in terms of procedures, interest rates, and loan terms in order to help beneficiaries easily access loans to buy and rent social housing.

Mr. Ha Quang Hung - Deputy Director of Department of Housing Management and Real Estate Market, Ministry of Construction delivers a speech to conclude the working session

Concluding the working session, Mr. Ha Quang Hung said that the model of Bank for Social Policies which entrusts to borrowers to invest in construction and purchase of social housing is very necessary to promote the development of social housing. Therefore, the survey team hopes that, in the coming time, Binh Duong province will pay attention to facilitate the entrusting capital sources to the Bank for Social Policies to support borrowers to invest in construction and purchase of social housing in order to ensure social security in the province. The delegation acknowledged the recommendations to amend and supplement a number of provisions in Decree 100 of the Government on the development and management of social housing to advise and propose the Central to amend in accordance with the reality.

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