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The success of the 11th Congress creates a great motivation and belief for the entire Party Committee
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10/11/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - Taking place in 03 days from October 13 to October 15, 2020 with the participation of 349 delegates representing more than 48,500 party members in the entire provincial Party Committee, the 11th Party Congress of Binh Duong Province, term 2020 -2025 was successful. The Congress is a crystallization of solidarity and unity in the entire Party Committee of the province, demonstrating the will, political determination and strongly rising aspiration of the Party Committee, authorities and people of Binh Duong province.

​​Preparing seriously and methodically

Thoroughly grasping and implementing Directive no. 35 of the Politburo on the Party Congress at all levels towards the 13th National Congress of the Party, although the general situation faced many difficulties and challenges, especially the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Standing Committee and the Executive Committee of the 10th Provincial Party Committee focused on leading and directing the preparation of the Congress in a serious manner, with the spirit of initiative from the beginning.

According to Mrs. Nguyen Minh Thuy - Head of the Organizing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the Documents submitted to the Congress were prepared early, meticulously and qualitatively, absorbing the comments of all levels, branches and all classes of people in the province, directive comments of the Politburo and suggestions of Ministries, committees and Central branches. Therefore, the Documents submitted to the Congress were highly appreciated by the delegates.

At the same time, the personnel work of the Congress was seriously prepared, strictly according to the principles, processes and regulations of the Central Government, demonstrating democracy, justice, objectivity and high unity within the Party Committee. The organization and service of the Congress were carefully and methodically prepared, from programs, general operating scenarios, detailed operating scenarios, to the organization and service, reception, inauguration, logistics, engineering, etc. all showed professionalism. In particular, in the preparation process, there was always a spirit of vision, very high attentiveness, many issues, content, work must be reviewed, commented and revised many times to get the highest quality and efficiency.


Provincial leaders inspect the preparation to hold the Congress at the Provincial Convention and Exhibition Center

Propaganda for the Congress was led, directed and organized to perform well, creating a positive spread among all levels, branches and all classes of people, encouraging the entire Party, the entire army and the entire people in the province to strive to establish achievements to welcome the Congress. The organization of the province's 05-year Socio-Economic Achievement Exhibition (2015-2020) was meticulously prepared, mobilizing contributions from all levels, branches, organizations, enterprises and people, creating a lively and brilliant scene, making an important contribution to the success of the Congress.

The work of ensuring security and order before, during and after the Congress was of special attention. The branches and localities synchronously implemented measures to prevent and fight crime, prevent and fight fire and explosion, and preserve security and order. With the efforts of the whole political system, especially the core role of the Public security and Military forces, the situation of security, order, and absolute safety protection for the Congress was kept stable.

Being successful

Through summary of evaluation, it can be affirmed that the 11th Binh Duong Provincial Party Congress, term 2020 - 2025, was successfully held. The success of the Congress is shown on all aspects: Building the Congress Documents; contributing comments on Documents of the Central Government; electing Executive Committee; electing the Delegation to attend the Congress of higher level. In particular, the first meeting of the Provincial Party Executive Committee to elect the Standing Committee, Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Inspection Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and Chairman of the Provincial Party Committee's Inspection Committee was absolutely focused.


The 11th Party Executive Committee of Binh Duong province, term 2020-2025

The Congress elected the Party Executive Committee for the term 2020-2025 including 49 comrades, of which, the number of executive committee members re-elected was 33 comrades, the number of executive committee members newly structured was 16 comrades, the number of female executive committee members was 10 comrades, the number of young executive committee members under 40 was 04 comrades. At the first meeting, the 11th Provincial Party Executive Committee elected the Provincial Standing Party Committee including 15 comrades, of which 11 members were re-elected, 04 new comrades were newly structured and 02 comrades were female. Mr. Tran Van Nam - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the 10th Provincial Party Committee was re-elected as Secretary of the 11th Provincial Party Committee with 100% of votes. Comrade Nguyen Hoang Thao - Permanent Deputy Secretary of 10th Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee was re-elected Deputy Secretary of the 11th Provincial Party Committee and Comrade Vo Van Minh - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council was elected Deputy Secretary of the 11th Provincial Party Committee. Comrade Pham Van Chanh - Member of Provincial Standing Party Committee, Secretary of Phu Giao District Party Committee was elected Chairman of Inspection Committee of 11th Provincial Party Committee. The Congress also elected 17 official delegates and 02 alternate delegates representing the Provincial Party Committee to attend the 13th National Congress of the Party.

The organization and service of the congress are also highly appreciated. In particular, during the Congress, there were a number of issues arising out of the Congress program that were handled well, notably the program to support people in the Central region affected by the floods and sending the Congress's message deeply shared with people in the Central region through the closing speech of the Congress, left many good impressions and created a positive spillover effect in the society.

Mr. Tran Van Nam - Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee affirmed: "The success of the Congress is the culmination of the serious and responsible preparation process, the crystallization of solidarity and high unity in the entire Provincial Party; demonstrating political will, determination and strongly rising aspiration of the Party Committee, authorities and people in the province. This is a very important premise, creating a foundation and a solid foundation for continuing to lead and direct the implementation of the Congress Resolution in the coming time".

Trying to emulate and accomplish the targets

Entering the new term 2020 - 2025 with the basic advantages of having important achievements over the past term, but Binh Duong is also facing many difficulties and challenges, especially the first time of the new term that is also the end of 2020 - the end of a difficult year due to the heavy impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many socio-economic development targets until now have been low, especially economic growth, with such growth as from the beginning of the year until now, it will be difficult for the remaining 2 months of the year to achieve the growth plan in 2020 set at 8.5%. This is an issue that requires a great deal of determination and effort from the entire Party Committee.

With the general targets: "Continuing to build a clean and strong Party and political system; firmly consolidating the people's confidence in the Party and the government; promoting innovation of economic growth model associated with environmental protection and implementation of strategic breakthroughs; ensuring social security and welfare, constantly improving the people's material and spiritual life; stabilizing political security, social order and safety; strengthening foreign affairs; striving to build Binh Duong province for sustainable development towards a smart, civilized and modern city; by 2030, Binh Duong will become a modern industrial center, by 2045 it will be a smart city of the region and the whole country", Resolution of the 11th Provincial Party Committee's Congress has identified 09 key tasks and 04 breakthrough stages to focus on in the coming time. Accordingly, Binh Duong continues to make a breakthrough in improving the quality of development of Party members; develop and improve the quality of human resources to meet the requirements of building Binh Duong to develop sustainably towards a smart, civilized and modern city; focus on developing high-quality service industries, meeting the requirements of industrial and urban development in the direction of civilization and modernization; focus on developing traffic infrastructure in the direction of urbanization and building Binh Duong smart city.


Delegates attending the Congress support people in the Central region affected by the floods

According to the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Tran Van Nam, the tasks that all levels, branches, the Fatherland Front and unions must immediately embark on are to organize the implementation and grasp of the Congress Resolution to all cadres, party members and all classes of people in the province; build programs and plans to concretize and implement the Congress Resolution. At the same time, vigorously launching patriotic emulation movements throughout the Party, the entire people and the entire army, creating a positive and far-reaching force for the effective implementation of the Congress Resolution. Each cadre, party member, especially the heads of agencies, units and localities must be really exemplary, be in the forefront in leading, directing and organizing the implementation of the Congress Resolution right at their localities, agencies and units.

In parallel with the implementation of the Congress Resolution, all levels and branches in the province must continue to maximum focus on the implementation of the targets and tasks of socio-economic development, national defense and security and Party building according to the Resolution 2020 of the Executive Committee; must have more specific and drastic solutions in each field in order to create more positive changes, to strive to achieve the highest results of the set targets and tasks.

Mr. Tran Van Nam emphasized: "Our current tasks are many, with many difficulties and challenges, but we have gained valuable lessons learned from the past term as well as through the successful organization of Congress, have created great motivation and belief for the entire Party Committee. Promoting that spirit, I propose all levels, branches and each cadre, party member, union member and association member in the province continue to unite and unify, strongly arousing the will, determination and rising aspiration; further promote the sense of responsibility, making attempts and efforts of each collective and individual which has been shown very well in the last Congress; strive to emulate the completion of the targets and tasks of each agency, unit and locality, contributing to the completion of the overall tasks of the province in 2020, creating a solid premise for the implementation of the Resolution of the Provincial Party Congress for the term 2020 - 2025".


Commending the collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements in advising and serving the organization of the Congress

The Resolution of the Congress sets out 30 key targets for the term 2020 - 2025, including: 08 targets on economic development; 05 targets on culture - society; 02 targets on environment; 06 targets on urban development, 07 targets on national defense and security, and 02 targets on Party building. In which, striving for the province's Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) to increase on average 8.5 - 8.7%/year; economic structure with the proportion of industry and services to account for over 90%; Index of industrial production (IIP) to increase over 8.7%/year; total retail sales of consumer goods and services to reach 14-15%/year; GRDP per capita to reach VND 210-215 million in 2025; budget revenue to increase 8%/year; total social investment capital to account for 33-34% of GRDP; attracting foreign investment to reach over USD 9 billion.

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