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Announcing the recruitment of public employees for health care sector and other non-business sectors in Binh Duong province in 2020
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04/11/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - The Department of Home Affairs announces the recruitment of public employees for health care sector and other non-business sectors in Binh Duong province in 2020.

Accordingly, the subjects tested are those who fully meet the following conditions, regardless of ethnicity, male or female, social class, belief, or religion, are entitled to register for public employee recruitment: Holding Vietnamese nationality and residing in Vietnam; from 18 years of age or older; having an application for recruitment; having a clear background; having diplomas, training certificates, practice certificates or having aptitude skills suitable for the job position; being healthy enough to perform work or duties; satisfying other conditions as required by the job position determined by the public non-business unit but not contrary to the provisions of law.

Those who are not allowed to register for public employee recruitment: Losing civil act capacity or being limited capacity for civil acts; are being prosecuted for criminal liability; are serving a criminal judgment or decision of the Court; are being subject to administrative handling measures and sent to medical treatment establishments, educational institutions or reformatory schools.

Recruitment registration documents include: Registration form for public employee recruitment (form); curriculum vitae (form); copy of birth certificate; copy of permanent residence; copies of diplomas, certificates and academic results required by the vacancy (submit a certified copy and the candidate must bring the original for comparison when submitting the documents); certificate of working history (form), applicable to positions that require work experience; a health certificate issued by a competent health agency within 30 days from the date of submission of the recruitment registration documents; certificates of priority in public employee recruitment (if any), certified by a competent authority; two envelopes with stamp and recipient's address, contact phone number, two 3x4cm photos with full name and date of birth on the back.

In the case of contracts with Social insurance payment in accordance with the vacancy, must be accompanied by all the signed contracts with the unit, a copy of the Contract Agreement of the Department of Home Affairs, the governing body (if any) and a copy of the Social Insurance Book (all pages of content showing the process of Social Insurance payment), attached to the unit's comment on the performance of the work during the contract period. Each candidate is only allowed to register 1 set of documents for one job position.

Recruitment content: 1st Round checks the conditions and criteria of the candidates registered in the Registration form for recruitment according to the requirements of the job position, if appropriate, the candidate is allowed to participate in 2nd Round. Candidates who pass the 1st round will be notified to attend 2nd round to conduct interviews to test the candidate's capacity, professional qualifications and skills.

A successful candidate in a public employee recruitment examination must satisfy the following conditions: Having an interview score of 50 points or more; having the score of 2nd round plus the specified priority score higher than scores taken from top to bottom within the recruited quota of each job position. In case 2 or more people have the same result in interview score plus the specified priority score in the last quota to be recruited, the person with higher interview score result in 2nd round is the one who is admitted; if it is still unable to determine, the Recruitment Council proposes the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee to decide on the candidate.

Time to issue and receive documents is from November 05, 2020 to December 07, 2020 (Time to issue and receive documents in working days and hours).

Announcing, issuing and receiving recruitment registration documents at the One-Stop Section of Public Administration Center, Tower A, Building of Binh Duong Provincial Administrative Center.

The list of candidates eligible to participate in 2nd round, the time and place of the interview will be announced by the Recruitment Council on the website of Department of Home Affairs.

The fee for public employee recruitment is VND 400,000 per one set of documents.​

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