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Tan Uyen town promotes the role of team of self-managed assault workers in terms of security and order in the enterprise
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30/10/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - Implementing the Project to establish a team of self-managed assault workers in terms of security and order in enterprises in the town in the period 2018-2020, until now, Tan Uyen town has established 225 teams of self-managed assault workers in terms of security and order in the enterprise. 

In order to help teams of assault workers in the town promote efficiency in their operation, the town police regularly coordinate with the business owners to guide teams of assault workers to perform well their functions and tasks, ensuring the security situation at the company, stabilize production; coordinated with functional units to organize professional training for 46 teams. Over 2 years of implementing the project, the team of assault workers has coordinated with the police and the town's functional departments to organize 297 events with 33,965 turns of workers participating in propaganda with many diverse and rich forms such as integration in the company's Trade Union meetings, distributing leaflets, and propagating directly at enterprises to inform the security situation in the area. At the same time, more than 20,000 vehicle stamps and 10,000 key chains were printed with phone numbers of the police station at the industrial park, police of the wards and more than 40,000 leaflets announcing the methods of tricks of all kinds of crimes, security situation in the locality ... Thereby, he advised the Board of Directors of the company to promptly resolve 148 internal conflicts; announced the coordination of relevant branches to prevent, stop and resolve 38 strikes, not allow any gathering which causes loss of security. In particular, the teams of assault workers actively coordinated with security guards at businesses to organize patrols with more than 37,798 members, promptly prevented and resolved 75 fights, disbanded 300 gathering groups at night in front of the company gate. In addition, the police also provided 482 criminal denunciations, including 338 valuable information to help detect and handle many security-related cases in the business.


The team of assault workers in a company in Thai Hoa ward, Tan Uyen town trained in martial arts to participate in preserving security at company.

In the coming time, members of the town Steering Committee of Project continue to further enhance the roles and responsibilities in the establishment and organization of activities of the team of assault workers, ensuring completion and exceeding the targets that the provincial Steering Committee of project assigned. The People's Committees of communes and wards on the basis of plans and targets that the Town Steering Committee of Project assigns to plan and implement effectively, direct branches and unions to coordinate, mobilize and guide businesses to establish of team of assault workers, focusing on companies and enterprises with a large number of workers and complicated security situation. Regularly review and consolidate the established teams of assault workers. The police, as a standing agency, regularly monitor the operation of the team of assault workers, closely coordinate members of the Steering Committee to orient the operational content, focus on security protection at the enterprise and propaganda and dissemination of the law among workers. At the same time, business owners actively coordinate with authorities at all levels in ensuring security, especially seeing the role and importance of the model of assault workers team to establish, maintain and organize effectively, equipped with means and tools to support the operation of the team of assault workers, ensuring good performance of the task of protecting assets at the enterprise. 


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