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Implementing Action Month on gender equality and prevention of gender-based violence in Binh Duong province in 2020
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23/10/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - Implementing Action Month on gender equality and prevention of gender-based violence in Binh Duong province in 2020 (referred to as Action Month).

The Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs in coordination with relevant departments, sectors, and unions, the People's Committees of districts, towns and cities organize the launching ceremony of the Action Month at the provincial level; the ceremony and media campaign in 09 districts, towns and cities in the province. The format and size of the organization must be appropriate to the local situation and development of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The content of the launching ceremony and media campaign associated with the topic and propaganda messages of the Action Month aimed to appeal to the commissars, authorities at all levels, agencies and organizations to pay attention to the significance and importance and the necessary targets of gender equality work, for the advancement of women and the gender-based violence prevention and control, contributing to reducing violence against women and children in the province.

Organizational format: Organizing a meeting ceremony; performing Arts; Lighting some locations with orange light (the color of the Action Month); parade at offices, schools, main roads, public places, central and densely populated areas. At the same time, organize seminars, talk-show, workshop, training courses, contests on gender equality, prevention of gender-based violence, building capacity  for female staff in order to propagate knowledge and skills on gender equality and prevention of gender-based violence, prevention of violence against women and children; exchange culture, sports, meeting and praising typical models and individuals in gender equality work, prevention of gender-based violence; organize visits and support to victims of gender-based violence.

Also organize media activities; focus propaganda on the mass media, radio systems in communes, wards and towns and hang banners, slogans, panels, posters on the topic, messages and other Action Month activities aimed at attracting attention and raising awareness of the whole society on the implementation of gender equality and prevention of violence against women and children. Thereby, raise awareness of women and children about equal rights in the family and society.

Promote mobilization of resources to implement Action Month, strengthen socialization of media activities and support victims of violence, women and children in difficult circumstances; Strengthen to organize interdisciplinary inspection delegations for gender equality and for the advancement of women in agencies, units and localities and strictly handle violations.


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