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Opening the 10th session of the 14th National Assembly
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22/10/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - On the morning of October 20, in Hanoi, the 10th session of the 14th National Assembly officially opened, the Chairwoman of the National Assembly - Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan chaired the opening. The session is held online to the broadcast stations of the National Assembly delegation of 63 provinces and cities.

​​At the broadcast station of Binh Duong National Assembly, there were Mr. Tran Van Nam - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial National Assembly Delegation and representatives of the Provincial National Assembly attending the session.

Before opening the session, the National Assembly spent a minute to commemorate the sacrifices of cadres and soldiers and their fellow citizens who died from storms and floods.The delegates donated to support the central provinces to overcome the consequences of natural disasters. 

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Delegates attend the session at Binh Duong Broadcast Station

Delivering a speech at the opening session, National Assembly Chairwoman -Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said that the 10th session took place in the context of the world and domestic situation with many complicated and unpredictable developments. The Covid-19 pandemic broke out strongly globally; the world economy depressed. Along with difficulties caused by natural disasters and epidemics in the country, adversely affect the implementation of the socio-economic development plan of the country.

With the right and timely leadership of the Party, the companionship of the National Assembly, the flexible administration of the Government, the determination, unanimity and synergies of the political system, all levels, branches, localities, business community and people, the whole country have synchronously and effectively implemented targets, tasks and solutions to control epidemics early, creating favorable conditions for socio-economic recovery and development. The economic growth rate for the whole year is estimated at over 2%, which is a positive growth rate compared to many countries in the world and the region. Macro economy has been maintained stably, inflation has been controlled. Great balances of the economy are guaranteed. Security and national defense, social safety and order were maintained. People's life is stable. Social security continues to be guaranteed. The achieved results contribute to strengthening the society's belief, being highly appreciated by the international community. The country's foreign affairs continued to achieve many important achievements.

In recent days, many central provinces are still struggling to suffer heavy losses of human and property caused by floods, in which there are sacrifices of many cadres and soldiers who directly participate in search and rescue, ensure safety for people's lives and property. The National Assembly shared with these great griefs and losses and sent warm greetings to the fellow-citizens and soldiers in the area with deep condolences to the families of sacrificed cadres, soldiers and people.

The National Assembly highly appreciated the drastic, urgent, flexible and timely response of the Government, ministries, branches and local authorities at all levels, the armed forces in rescue, salvage, overcoming and minimum damage reduction. At the same time, displaying the will, energy, solidarity and support of people in flooded areas; the attention, support, and mutual support spirit of donors and social communities.

The National Assembly asked the Government and authorities at all levels to continue to raise their vigilance towards extreme weather events, to take positive and effective solutions to soon overcome the consequences of floods; At the same time, calling on our compatriots and soldiers nationwide and the Vietnamese overseas to respond to the call of the General Secretary and the President to continue promoting the tradition of solidarity, the spirit of "mutual friendship and mutual love", "Love our neighbor as ourselves" wholeheartedly cares, encourages, shares, supports materially and spiritually in order to help the people at affected locality to overcome difficulties early, stabilize their lives and production ".

At the opening session, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc presented outstanding results, along with challenges posed in the process of implementing the socio-economic development plan 2020; the socio-economic development plan for the year 2021, the period of 2021-2025; The Central Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee reports the synthesis of opinions and recommendations of voters and people to the 10th session of the 14th National Assembly; The Standing Committee of the National Assembly reports on the results of monitoring the resolution of voters' petitions to the 9th session.

At this Session, the National Assembly will work for a period of 19 days (excluding holidays). The meeting was conducted in 2 phases. Specifically, phase 1, online meeting via video broadcast from National Assembly House to broadcast stations at National Assembly delegation of provinces and centrally-run cities (from October 20 to October 27); Phase 2, the gathered meeting at the National Assembly House (from November 2 to November 17). The National Assembly will close the session on November 17.

The National Assembly will review reports on the implementation of resolutions of the National Assembly on the 05-year plan from 2016 to 2020 regarding: Socio-economic development, economic structure, national finance, medium-term public investment; foreseen major targets and a number of tasks and solutions for 5-year socio-economic development in the period 2021-2025; 5-year financial plans, medium-term public investment for the period 2021-2025; reports on the implementation results of Resolution No.100/2015/QH13 approving the investment policy of National Target Programs for the period 2016-2020.

The National Assembly also passed 07 law projects, 03 draft resolutions and gave opinions on 04 other law projects. At the same time, the National Assembly will spend time reviewing reports, questioning and answering, giving comments to the draft resolution of the 13th National Congress. In addition, the National Assembly will determine the election date of the 15th National Assembly and the People's Council as well as personnel issues.​

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