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The speech of Mr. Vo Van Thuong - Member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Head of the Central Propaganda Commission at the 11th Binh Duong Party Congress.
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19/10/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - The 11th Provincial Party Congress was honored to welcome Mr. Vo Van Thuong - Member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Head of the Central Propaganda Commission to attend and deliver a speech to direct the Congress. Binh Duong portal proudly publishes the full text of the direction speech of the Secretary of Party Central Committee, Head of the Central Propaganda Commission at the 11th Provincial Party Congress, term 2020-2025.

Today, I am very pleased with the members of the Party Central Committee and leaders of central agencies to attend the 11th Binh Duong Provincial Party Congress. On behalf of the Politburo, the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, I would like to send best regards to the delegates, leaders of Binh Duong province in all terms, Hero of the Armed Forces, the Hero of Labor, the distinguished guests with all officials, party members, fellow-citizens and soldiers of Binh Duong province. Hope for successful congress.

 Dear comrades!                    

Implementing Directive No. 35-CT / TW of the Politburo on the Party Congress at all levels towards the 13th National Party Congress, the Provincial Party Executive Committee successfully directed the organization of the congress at grassroots and higher levels; at the same time, focused on preparing content and personnel for submission to the 11th Party Committee Congress with a spirit of seriousness, thoughtfulness and high responsibility. The draft documents submitted to the 11th Congress of the Provincial Party Committee were elaborately built; quite comprehensive assessment of achievements, limitations, weaknesses, causes; set out centralized objectives, tasks, and solutions on the basis of observing major views and orientations in the draft Document to be submitted to the  13th National Party Congress and the practical situation of the locality; has seriously absorbed the direction of the Politburo, suggestions from departments, ministries, central branches and all classes of people in the province. I would like to point out some more suggestive issues for you to exchange and discuss.

Dear comrades!

After nearly 35 years with the whole country implementing the Party's renewal line, continuing the heroic revolutionary tradition of "The East is grueling hard and heroic", Binh Duong Party Committee and people have promoted the spirit of solidarity, dynamic, creation, striving to overcome difficulties and challenges to make the province develop strongly and comprehensively, becoming a bright spot of the southern Key Economic Region and the whole country. In particular:

Attaching importance to the central task of economic development, the province has paid attention to build open policies, increase investment promotion, remove difficulties for businesses ...; therefore, for many consecutive years, Binh Duong has maintained its position as one of the leading localities in the country in attracting foreign investment. The economic growth rate in the period 2015-2020 will reach 9.35% / year, equivalent to 1.4 times the national average. Per capita GRDP will reach 155.7 million VND by 2020. State budget revenue exceeds the set plan; it is the locality with the third highest rate of central budget regulation in the country.

The economic structure continues to shift in the right direction, the proportion of industry and services accounts for 89.31% of the GRDP; the industrial structure has had positive changes, the industrial production is in-depth, the type of industry that uses a lot of unskilled labor is reduced, the application of science and technology has been enhanced; manufacturing and supporting industries have developed, connecting with the value chain of multinational corporations. Industrial zones and clusters have been increasingly completed and upgraded, with a high occupancy rate, meeting the requirements of attracting investment and contributing to socio-economic development.

The high-quality services are as below: Financial services, banking, insurance, information and communication, warehouse and specialized transport (logistics) are interested in investing. The commercial infrastructure system has been upgraded with the participation of major brands in domestic and oversea. Exportation maintained a high growth rate; the market was constantly expanding, the structure of export goods shifted towards increasing the proportion of processed industrial goods, initially exporting a number of advanced and modern technology products.

Agriculture continues to shift towards urban agriculture and hi-tech agriculture. National Target Program of building new rural completes the plan one year in advance. Socio-economic infrastructure, civilized urban construction is paid attention to and achieved many positive results.

The fields of education - training, science - technology, people's health care; culture, physical training and sports have made progress. The policies of social security and return the favor are assured; vocational training, job creation and poverty reduction have been paid attention to and achieved practical results, people's lives are improved day by day, the province's poverty criteria are higher than the national level, the poverty rate according to the province's multidimensional poverty index is less than 1%.

National defense - security, social order and safety are guaranteed and maintained. Foreign affairs are always actively carried out by the province; cooperation among the province and localities, domestic and foreign partners is increasingly developing.

The work of building Party on politics, ideology, morality and organization has clearly changed. The work of educating and fostering Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's ideology, revolutionary ideals and traditions was respected and regularly implemented. The work of defending the Party's ideological foundation, fighting against the wrong and hostile views has been identified as one of the important political tasks. The implementation of Central Resolution No.4, term XII associated with the implementation of Directive No. 05-CT / TW of the Politburo and regulations on the responsibility to set the example of cadres and party members, especially the heads of party committees, government is seriously implemented, become more and more practical, have a positive impact on the training of revolutionary morality and ethics of cadres and party members; leadership capacity and fighting strength of Party grassroots organizations have been raised. Construction and development of grassroots Party and Party members continued to be done well; have paid attention to develop Party grassroots organizations and party members in non-state enterprises.

The organizational apparatus of the political system from province to grassroots continues to be arranged, consolidated, step by step streamlined in association with staff streamlining, restructuring, and improve quality of the contingent of cadres and civil servants; improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the political system. The assessment, planning and training for staff appointment have been gradually renewed, increasingly close to the reality, ensuring the right people in the right job. The work of checking, supervising and disciplining the Party in accordance with the process, regulations, step by step settle order and discipline. Internal affairs, judicial reform and anti-corruption and waste have been focused and directed; implementing synchronous measures to prevent, bringing into play the role and synergy of the entire political system in the fight against corruption, waste, and achieving important results.

The people's mobilization work has many innovations and has achieved positive results. The Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations continue to innovate their contents and modes of operation, strongly orient themselves towards the grassroots, to have many good ways, new models, contribute to promoting democracy and strengthen the great unites the entire people, consolidates and enhances the people's relief in the Party and State.

The achieved results are very respectful and proud and are the premise for Binh Duong to continue developing stronger and more firmly in the next period. On behalf of the Politburo and the Secretariat of Party Central Committee, I highly appreciate and warmly congratulate and commend the efforts and achievements that Binh Duong Party Committee and people have achieved in the past term.

Dear comrades!

We also seriously and frankly realize that the results which are achieved in the past 5 years are not commensurate with the potentials and advantages of the province and the expectations of officials, party members and people. There are still a number of indicators which were set out in Resolution of the 10th Provincial Party Congress. The quality of economic growth is not really sustainable; the productivity, quality and competitiveness of many products and businesses are still low.

High-quality services with great added value, supporting services for industrial and urban development have not met the province's development requirements. Traffic infrastructure has not kept pace with economic development. Traffic congestion, flooding in some areas has not been completely resolved. Illegal exploitation and use of natural resources, environmental pollution still occur in some places.

The public health system is still in difficulties in both facilities and medical staff. Vocational training is not closely connected with social needs. The investment and construction of culture and sport perfect whole are not commensurate with the economic development. The situation of political security, social order and safety still contains a number of complexities.

The work of building the Party and the political system still has some limitations. Leadership and fighting capacity in some Party organizations and party members are not high. Studying and following President Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style in some places is only formalism, it has not become a regular, daily action, and has not yet attached to performing political tasks. The proportion of female cadres who are leaders, managers and young officers is low. Renovating the contents and modes of operation of the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations has not kept pace with the increasingly diverse development of union members. Public administrative reform has not kept pace with general development.

These shortcomings and weaknesses have a negative impact on the development of the province. Comrades are requested to promote democracy, focus on discussion, analyze and evaluate in-depth achievements as well as limitations and shortcomings of the Party Committee during the term, find out the cause, draw the lesson learned to determine the appropriate, realistic, feasible guidelines, tasks and solutions to promote the fast and sustainable socio-economic development of Binh Duong province in the next 5 years.

Dear comrades!

The Congress's Political Report has identified the overall goal of striving to build Binh Duong province for a sustainable development towards a smart, civilized and modern city; by 2030, Binh Duong will become a modern industrial center, and by 2045 it will be a smart city of the region and the whole country.

This target shows the foresight, great aspirations and high determination for the development of the province. I express my agreement and believe that Binh Duong Party Committee and people will strive to successfully accomplish this lofty and beautiful goal.

The directions, tasks and solutions of the term 2020-2025 have been mentioned quite specifically in the Political Report. I would like to emphasize some contents:

Firstly, basic, important and decisive tasks for successful implementation of the goal of rapid and sustainable development; To build Binh Duong to become a civilized and modern urban center, worthy being an industrial center of the Southern key economic region and the whole country, to continue to effectively implement strategic breakthroughs, promoting industrialization, modernization and restructuring of economic sectors associated with growth model innovation on the basis of the application of scientific and technological achievements, innovation to improve the quality of growth.

Continue to promote the industrial restructuring in the direction of developing industries with high science and technology content and great added value; not to exchange the environment for economic development, resolutely refuse projects with outdated technology, causing environmental pollution; improve production level, gradually increase localization rate and participate more deeply in production networks and global value supply chains. Step by step form a science and technology industrial park. Focus on developing high quality service industries; build a network of modern logistics infrastructure. Continue to strongly develop hi-tech agriculture, urban agriculture; focus on building a new and advanced countryside. Mobilize resources for complete coordination of synchronous infrastructure connecting with Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces in the Southern key economic region; focus on removing difficulties, encouraging and facilitating the development of private economy to become an important driving force of the province's economy.

Secondly, continue to fundamentally and comprehensively renovate education and training, creating a strong breakthrough in the development of high-quality human resources. Enhance to educate the revolutionary ideals, ethics, lifestyles, culture; arouse patriotism, self-reliance and aspiration to build prosperity and happiness in Binh Duong and Vietnam. Focus on building the culture, value system and human standards of Binh Duong in the new period. Focus on building office culture, corporate culture, and entrepreneurship and business ethics. Continue to invest in and build culture and sport perfect whole; constantly improve the material and spiritual life for people. Well implement the policy towards people with meritorious services, people with difficulties and disadvantages in society. Improve the quality of protection, care and improvement of the people's health; strive to have no poor households according to multidimensional poverty index.

Thirdly, strengthen national defense and security potentials; build an all-people defense posture in association with the people's security and the defense zones of the province more and more solidly. Focus on building the armed forces of revolutionary, full time, well training, step by step modernization; attach importance to building self-defense forces in businesses. Improve capacity for forecasting, advising; promote well the core role of military agencies and police in building an all-people defense, strong people's security, building a solid "posture of people's hearts and mind". Continue to synchronously implement solutions to maintain political stability, ensure social order and safety in all situations, and avoid being passive and unexpected, contributing to creating a peaceful and stable environment for construction and development.

Fourthly, strengthen to build and reorganize the Party in a clean and strong manner; build a strong political system. Renovate, improve quality and efficiency of ideological work; speed up the work of defending the Party's ideological foundation, fighting and opposing wrong and hostile views; to fight, prevent and repel the degradation of political ideology, morality, lifestyle, internal manifestations of "self-evolution" and "self-transformation". Continue to effectively implement Central Resolution  No.4, Session XI  and XII on building and reorganizing the Party associated with promoting studying and following President Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style and regulations on responsibility to set the example of cadres, party members, especially the head of party committee and authorities.

Continue to renew, arrange the organizational apparatus of the political system synchronously, streamlined, effectively and efficiently; improve the leadership capacity and fighting strength of the Party organizations. Implement effectively the planning, training and fostering in order to build a contingent of cadres on a par with the task, meeting the development requirements of the province. Conduct regular, comprehensive, objective, public, democratic, prudent and strict inspection and supervision; focus on inspection and supervision in each stages, areas and fields that are easy to rise negative issues. Be resolute and persistent in the fight against corruption, waste, and negativity.

Enhance the quality of the mobilization work of political system, promote the people's mastery, and build a solid block of great unity. Continue to renew the contents and modes of operation of the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations. Renovate, improve quality, diversify forms of patriotic emulation movements, do well the commendation and award work, create an important driving force, encourage officials, party members and people to actively strive to contribute excellent completion by agency, unit or locality.

Focus on renovating the organization and operation of the Trade Union in accordance with the changes of the labor structure, the needs of workers, labors and international integration requirements; take the requirements and tasks of building working class in the new situation and the need, legitimate interests of workers and labors as the basis for the operation, improve the efficiency of propaganda, education, gathering and mobilizing workers and labors.

Fifthly, one of the important tasks of the Congress is to elect the 11th Provincial Party Executive Committee in Binh Duong. I propose the Congress to raise a sense of responsibility to the Party Committee and people, for the benefit of the people, the Party, for the development of the province and the country; studying and selecting typical comrades with strong political bravery, pure moral qualities, high sense of organization and discipline; truly pioneering, exemplary, dedicated and capable of completing tasks; closely sticking with the people, gathering solidarity and unity within the Party Committee, daring to sacrifice personal interests for the common interests of the Party and the country; be trusted by cadres, party members and people in the new party's Executive Committee with a reasonable structure, paying attention to female cadres, young cadres to ensure the comprehensive leadership of the Party Committee in all fields, successfully implementing resolution of the 11th Provincial Party Congress.

Dear comrades!

In addition to discussing to decide the development direction and goals, approving the resolution and the Action Plan for the term 2020-2025, electing the Provincial Party Executive Committee, I suggest that the delegates are very concerned, spend adequate time researching and contributing quality ideas to draft documents of the 13th National Party Congress. At the same time, to consider and select comrades who have the typical capacity and qualities for Party Committees to vote for the delegation to attend the 13th National Party Congress.

After the congress, Binh Duong Provincial Party Executive Committee should do well in assigning tasks to the member's level according to the personnel project, ensuring it is suitable to the capacity and forte of the cadres; actively build working regulations, programs, full-course work plans; attach importance to ideological work, well and promptly implement regimes and policies for comrades who are not re-elected according to regulations; plan to widely disseminate and propagate among cadres, party members and people, promptly implement, organize the implementation, bring resolution of the 11th Party Committee Congress into life. 

Dear Congress and comrades!

With high political determination, open vision, strong aspirations and a long tradition of solidarity, dynamic, creative, dare to think and dare to do, which is cultivated through many generations, I believe that, Binh Duong Party Committee and people will achieve strong new advances, build the province to become a modern industrial center, a civilized city, and contribute to the cause of construction and general development of the country.

Wish you, delegates and the whole congress good health. Hope for successful congress.​

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