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Many important issues are discussed in the group
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19/10/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - On the afternoon of October 13, the 11th Provincial Party Congress, term 2020-2025, conducted discussions at the group, continued to study, and share ideas to the draft document of 13th National Party Congress  and document of the 11th Provincial Party Congress, term 2020-2025.

It is divided into 07 discussion groups in the congress. Promoting collective intelligence, with a vibrant, frank, serious, responsible and constructive spirit, the Delegation Groups gave a lot of insightful and convincing opinions when participating in discuss about the specific issues in the draft documents.

High consistency

The comments basically agreed with the draft document of 13th National Party Congress and it is said that the draft document  which is developed by the Party Central Committee basically followed closely with the actual situation of country in the context of international economic integration. The draft document was built in a scientific layout, reasonable and coherent sequence, clear sentences, and relatively comprehensive and complete content. At the same time, it has summarized the Vietnamese revolution objectively, deeply, practically, especially the practice of 35 years of national renewal. The Draft Document also directly pay attention to the truth, pointing out the limitations, weaknesses, existing issues in many aspects of social life, organizations and activities of the Party and State. Therefore, the draft document has both summarized the fact and had the meaning of clarifying theory.

Groups discuss at the congress

Regarding the Document of the 11th Provincial Party Congress, the majority of opinions agreed with the contents in general. The delegates said that the draft political report which was submitted to the Congress had objectively and comprehensively evaluated the achievements in aspects of economic, cultural - social, security - defense and construction of political system in term 2015-2020 of the Provincial Party Committee. The content is carefully prepared, meticulously and qualitatively, with a reasonable layout; at the same time, it shows a high consensus with the assessment on implementation of resolution of the 10th Provincial Party Congress. The report frankly acknowledged the shortcomings and weaknesses, found the objective and subjective causes of the limitations, draw lessons learned from 5 years of implementing the resolution; unify goals, tasks and solutions which were set out in term XI (2020 - 2025). Most of the opinions were agreed, positive effects of the achievements after 20 years of re-establishment of the province are great and fundamental significance to help the Provincial Party Committee fulfill the political tasks and step by step development. The implementation of resolution of the 10th Provincial Party Congress in the past 05 years has achieved important results.

Many devoted comments

With the spirit of frankness, democracy, openness and responsibility, the delegates contributed devoted comments to the making effort-oriented action programs for the period 2020-2025. The discussions have analyzed, clarified, deepened and added many important contents to build upcoming solutions for the fields of social life, the administration in economic development - social, ensuring national defense - security, etc. Specifically, in term of transport infrastructure construction in the coming period, Mr. Tran Ba Luan - Director of the Department of Transport said that the Transport sector will focus on developing traffic infrastructure in the direction of urbanization, building Binh Duong Smart City; implementing key programs and projects, building medium-term development plans and solutions to overcome difficulties. In particular, there will be a strategic vision of synchronous development of both waterways and urban railways in order to reduce the pressure on road traffic


Groups discuss at the congress

The issue of building a startup ecosystem is also particularly interested by the delegates. Accordingly, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong - Director of the Department of Science and Technology said that this content should be added to the document of Congress. According to Mr. Cuong, in the near future, it is necessary to promote the program of developing and forming a culture of innovation, along with that, it is necessary to enhance the creative capacity of young people, particularly at high schools. At the same time, the province must also have mechanisms and policies to encourage innovation.

Many opinions revolve the breakthrough program "Developing and improving the quality of human resources, meeting the requirements of building Binh Duong with sustainable development in the direction of a smart, civilized and modern city" Mr. Nguyen Huu Tri - Permanent Deputy Secretary of Tan Uyen Party Committee said that in order for this breakthrough program to be effective, it is necessary to emphasize the efficiency of attracting talents as well as the foreign training regime in recent years. In addition, the program that takes the doctor on the facility must be more realistic and in-depth. Especially, being an industrial province, attracting a large number of workers to work, so the issue of childcare for workers is very urgent. Therefore, public preschools must provide childcare service until 20 hours to meet the needs of workers. However, it is necessary to consider an appropriate regime for teachers to raise children if applying this framework.

Participants also said that, in the next term, Binh Duong should focus on a schedule to build high-quality human resources, thus meeting the development requirements of province in the coming time. In addition, there should be a protection mechanism for cadres who dare to think, dare to do, dare to fight against wrong forces, adopt policies to encourage children in difficult families to study and ensure security.

All comments in the discussion were received by the Presidium of the Congress to supplement and complete the Documents.

Tomorrow, October 14, the congress will officially open and start working on the main contents.

Delegates contribute ideas to the Congress documents

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