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Effectiveness from patriotic emulation movements
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14/10/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - The achievements of the patriotic emulation movements in the period 2015-2020 are evidence for the aspirations, bravery and will of Binh Duong Party Committee, authorities and people. Each movement in each field, there are special marks of cadres, civil servants, officials and all classes of people. 

Arousing patriotism

Two years of accompanying  with the model "Free ambulance" and "Binh Duong SOS Volunteer Team" is all the time Le Anh Tuan (Thu Dau Mot city) devoted his heart to volunteer trips with full of human love. The story of a young man making nearly 300 free ambulance trips to promptly bring the victim to hospital has inspired a large number of young people. "The Dark Knight" is the nickname that people give Tuan with their love to praise his chivalry, dignified spirit, if he sees something useful, he should do it without any weighing. For Tuan, joy is not compliments, or is known by many people, but that is after each trip, Tuan and his teams directly help the victims escape the danger. More than the happiness, it is the meaningful work of Tuan that persuaded all members of his family. In September 2019, his family bought for Tuan one more ambulance car with full equipment (lights, priority horns, stretchers, cabinets, medical equipment ...).

The working time of Tuan and his team is from 19pm to 3am. After a tiring night with ambulance trips, Tuan rushed to the vegetable market to help his family in fruit and vegetable business. Every day, Tuan only has a few hours at noon to recover his strength. Tuan's schedule has been turning around like that throughout the past 2 years. Without enthusiasm as well as empathy and compassion, Tuan may find it difficult to maintain a volunteer work which is both dangerous and difficult as what everyone comments. The most memorable memory is the first time Tuan received the case of a victim whose leg was run over by a truck, at that time only Tuan was in the car with the victim. Although quite nervous, Tuan gathered up his courage to bring the patient to emergency facility as quickly as possible for timely treatment. Tuan shared: "After that time I told myself that I must try to keep this volunteer work because so many people need me. In addition to the model "Free ambulance"; "Binh Duong SOS Volunteer Team ", we started to help people repair cars, take the injured to the hospital, and find the lost car. On average, each night the team patched, repaired and helped more than 10 motorbikes and victims. Many people had an accident in the middle of night, but escaped from death thanks to the team to timely detect, take them to the emergency or notify their family members".


Le Anh Tuan at the meeting of provincial leaders with the typical young people participating in the nation advanced youth congress following Uncle Ho's teachings

With 13 years working in Fujikura Fiber Optics Vietnam Co., Ltd (Vietnam - Singapore I Industrial Park I) as an equipment calibration engineer in the maintenance department, Nguyen Viet Nam himself always tries his best to strive for quick and effective job completion. Carrying on a rather heavy duty that must always ensure for the production line going on schedule and is flexible, Mr. Nam plays the role of coordinating work for staff in the department and cooperates with other departments to solve arising problems, ensure production results. In the process of work, from his practice, he has had 03 initiatives to help employees reduce production operations, work safer and more efficiently. These include the initiative to improve and repair the Optical time-domain reflectometer, help to improve the capacity and reduce costs, effectively save over 7.5 billion VND; Innovative initiative to reduce equipment in cross talk system, machine costs saving is 4.8 billion VND.

Each of the advanced examples over the past 5 years is a vivid story that proves the dynamic, creative, enthusiastic, and ready to venture into dangerous places or pioneering in difficult tasks and fields in order to create new value in work, production.

It can be affirmed that the emulation movements in the past 5 years have brought a lot of positive results, promoting creativity among all classes of people, developing a variety of models, creating new factors on the fields. Through the patriotic emulation movements, the province has appeared many typical advanced collectives and individuals in many fields, vivid expression of the will, self-reliant, dare to think, dare to do, making practical contributions to the achievements of socio-economic development in Binh Duong province.

The driving force for socio-economic development

05 years is not too long but enough for Binh Duong Party Committee, authorities and people to make a spectacular breakthrough. In field of economics, the province continues to maintain its position as one of the leading units in the Southern key economic region and the whole country. In the period 2015-2020, the GRDP increases on average 9.35% / year, per capita income is expected to reach 155.7 million VND by 2020 (an increase of 83.4 million VND compared to 2015). Currently, Binh Duong has no poor households as the central criteria.

Along with that, the province made strategic breakthroughs of economic restructure associated with the innovation of growth models, improving efficiency and competitiveness. Accordingly, the economic structure of the province continues to shift towards industry - service - agriculture, with corresponding proportions of 66.53% - 22.68% - 2.51%. Industry develops strongly in the direction of receiving projects selectively with high technology content and protecting the environment. The proportion of services in the economic structure continues to increase year by year, services with high added value and industrial development support are focused to develop. Commercial and service infrastructure system has been invested and upgraded. Advertisement and promotion of tourism are pushed up. For many consecutive years, Binh Duong continuously ranked in the top of provinces and cities in attracting investment. To implement the National Target Program on building a new Rural, up to now, 100% of communes and 100% of districts and towns reach standards of the new rural; complete the plan 1 year in advance.

IMG_9409  2 HC  hạng nhì và 3 HC hạng ba.jpg

Authorized by the State President Mr. Tran Van Nam (3rd from the left) - Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Mr. Tran Thanh Liem (3rd from the right) - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee awards 02 Second Class Labor Medals and 03 Third Class Labor Medals for individuals at the 5th Binh Duong patriotic emulation congress- September 30, 2020

Those prominent achievements started from the great desire for a Binh Duong modern, dynamic, constantly reaching to assert its position in the international arena. When that desire is aroused, the patriotic emulation movement will create a great driving force in performing the tasks of the entire party, government, army and people in the province.

Consider emulation as a driving force to promote patriotism, this spirit has been strictly grasped and taken drastic action by each department and unit. Delivering a speech at the 5th Binh Duong patriotic emulation congress - on September 30, 2020, Mr. Tran Thanh Liem - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee emphasized that Provincial patriotic emulation congress is a political event with important significance, marking the maturity and crystallization of patriotic emulation movement at locality. It is also an opportunity to summarize and evaluate the achieved results, to objectively evaluate shortcomings and limitations, draw lessons learned, and propose solutions and goals in the emulation and commendation work continue to arouse the enthusiasm emulation spirit of classes of people in the province, build the province's patriotic emulation movement to develop more and more strongly.

IMG_9421    nhận cờ của UBND tỉnh tặng.jpg

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thao (5th from the left) - Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Mr. Tran Thanh Liem (6th from the left) - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee present the Emulation Flag of the Provincial People's Committee to excellent units at the 5th Binh Duong Patriotic Emulation Congress

Binh Duong Party Committee and authorities always attach great importance to and pay special attention to directing branches and levels to implement and organize the patriotic emulation movement, focusing on renewing the content and methods of organizing the emulation movement in the province, consider the patriotic emulation movement as the key driving force in order to successfully implement political tasks and socio-economic development goals of the province. In the past 5 years, the Provincial People's Committee has submitted to the State President and the Prime Minister to confer the Labor Hero title in the renovation period for 1 collective, National Emulation Soldier title for 01 individual, Medal for 35 collectives and 126 individuals, Government Emulation Flag for 41 collectives, Certificates of Merit of Prime Minister for 41 collectives and 283 individuals. The Provincial People's Committee decided to recognize 1,149 excellent labor collective titles, 384 provincial emulation soldiers' titles and awarded 308 emulation flags and 17,141 certificates of merit to 6,190 collectives and 10,951 individuals.

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