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Develop Communist Party and Trade Union organizations in private enterprises
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14/10/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - In recent years, the sector of non-state enterprises (SOEs) has grown strongly and played an important role in the province's socio-economic development. Accordingly, the development of communist Party and Trade Union organizations in SOEs is an urgent task that Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee pays special attention to. With the participation of the whole political system, in the past term, this work has achieved many important results.

Interested in developing Trade Union members

Trade Union of Fujikura Fiber Optics Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Vietnam - Singapore I Industrial Park) has 100% foreign capital with a total of 2,239 employees and 100% employees participate in the trade union organization. In addition to taking care of member's life and protect their benefits, the Company Trade Union always focuses on propagating the Party's undertakings and guidelines, the State's policies and laws as well as resolutions, direction from trade union at higher level. In particular, in the emulation movement for good production from 2015 to 2020, there are 189 initiatives that bring benefits of 100 billion VND to businesses. The activities launched by the Company's trade union have practical significance, help to increase labor productivity, improve the lives of workers (employees), which are connection to mobilize and persuade business owners to support, implement undertakings and resolutions of the Party and State as well as take care of the members' interests. The role of grassroots trade union at the Company is increasingly clearly asserted; the number of trade union officials participating in the professional work at management level account for 13%, office workers account for 37% and direct manager of production area accounts for 50%.

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Chairman of the provincial Confederation of Labor - Ms. Truong Thi Bich Hanh visits workers

At the beginning of the term 2015-2020, Binh Duong Confederation of Labor was assigned a new development target of 285,000 Trade Union members and newly established 1,471 grassroots trade union. Along with that, the Provincial Party Committee also issued the Program No. 16-CTr / TU on the building and development of Party organizations, socio-political organizations in SOEs for the period 2016 - 2020. This is a very heavy task but also an opportunity for the Confederation of Labor to better perform the role of representing, taking care of and protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the employees. In order to really create attraction for the union members and employees in the enterprise, the trade union organization has carried out the reform to renovate its operation content.

Trade union at all levels increasingly acts as a solid fulcrum for employees through direct and thorough solutions to employees' frustrations and difficulties. Accordingly, all levels of trade union regularly coordinate with functional agencies to inspect, supervise and grasp the situation in order to promptly resolve labor disputes and strike, which aims to protect employees' rights and interests in accordance with the law.


Protecting employees' rights and interests is the solution for the trade union at all levels to develop their union members

Mr. Luu The Thuan - Head of Propaganda Department - Internal Affairs, Provincial Confederation of Labor said: "The work of building a strong grassroots trade union is concerned and has many changes. Every year, over 50% of the SOEs sector's grassroots trade union become strong, excellent; 100% of grassroots trade union in units and enterprises in the non-state sector propagate for employees to self-study in order to improve professional qualifications, professional skills. Every year, each grassroots trade union introduces on average one excellent member to the Party".

On the other hand, trade union at all levels have made great efforts in investigating, surveying and developing plans to implement the membership development program with diverse solutions, achieving many important results, with the focus in the business sector that employs 30 or more employees. As a result, 95% of units, SOEs with 30 or more employees have trade union organization. The whole province currently has 3,794 grassroots trade union with 764,573 members / 829,122 employees in units with trade union.

At the meeting with the Provincial Confederation of Labor, Mr. Ngo Duy Hieu - Vice Chairman of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor highly appreciated the sense of responsibility, dynamism and creativity in the management of the provincial Confederation of Labor and trade union at all levels: "It can be said that Binh Duong Confederation of Labor has performed well the role of protecting legal and legitimate rights and interests for employees. Although the province has a large number of workers, the provincial Confederation of Labor has been very flexible in solving arising problems, well implementing the situation of labor relations, persistent efforts in establishment of grassroots trade union and developing the union members ".

Enhance the role of Party organization

Determining the important role of Party organizations, socio-political organizations in enterprises, in recent years, the Provincial Party Committee of the Provincial Agencies and Enterprises has thoroughly grasped and strictly implemented the directives, the conclusions of the Central and Provincial Party Committees on the building and development of Party organizations, socio-political organizations in SOEs and the admission of eligible private business owners to the Party, initially achieved positive results. The Provincial Party Committee of the Provincial Agencies and Enterprises currently manages 137 Party grassroots organizations (of which 66 Party Committees and 71 grassroots cells , 404 cells under the grassroots Party Committee), with a total of 7,935 Party members, including 41 Party organizations in SOEs (12 Party Committees and 29 Party Cells) with a total of 1,823 party members.

In fact, the Party organization in strong enterprises is the basis for the unions to operate well, creating a driving force for the  labor emulation of production in enterprises; being a connection to create harmonic benefits between employees and employers. Many Party grassroots organizations have shown the role of a political nuclear, promoting their functions and tasks well, creating a reputation for business owners and employees, positively contributing to the stability and development of the business; Every year, Party organizations are assessed and classified, and all of them are assessed for completing the task.

In the work of creating sources for the development of party members, Party committees at many levels have worked closely from the evaluation and selection of typical masses, giving political theory courses for those who are admitted to the Party (over the past time, there are 773 elite masses participating). The development of party members in the enterprise cells is concerned, with appropriate solutions and specific steps in creating resources, developing party members, and organizing the Party. Fostering of the elite masses is to create a source of party members' development, in accordance with the characteristics, working conditions and living activities of workers and employees, etc.


The development of unions in SOEs is an important basis for the development of party members.

Party committees and authorities at all levels play an important role in the development of Party organizations in SOEs. With the motto "Accompanying with businesses", the proposals of enterprises are concerned by the Party committees and authorities and facilitate to remove difficulty for businesses, from which many business owners, especially foreign businesses have an appreciation of the position, role and necessity of building Party organizations in the enterprise.

Although the development of Party organizations in SOEs is extremely necessary but difficult, the Party Committee of the Provincial Agencies and Enterprises especially focuses on quality, operational efficiency rather than quantity. Mr. Huynh Tan Dinh - Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Agencies and Enterprises said: "Party organizations can only be set up when they have developed a force of reputable and capable party members in the enterprise. Party committees must really have power in the business, Party members must be an exemplary person who is trusted by the masses, then the Party Committee will advise, consult, contribute to the business and mobilize and persuade the business owner in the work of building the Party, unions and developing party members and union members, taking care and protecting the benefits of employees. Solution at the party committees at higher level to assign full-time and part-time officials to regularly monitor and help the Party organization in SOEs in the early stage of establishment in order to promptly solve difficulties and problems, creating faith and resources to help the grassroots to fulfill its assigned mission. "

Party Committee of the Provincial Agencies and Enterprises also regularly coordinates with the provincial Confederation of Labor, Youth Union to implement activities to take care and ensure the benefits of employees, as a basis for party member development. Party cells and Party committees have directed unions to promote efficiency, mobilize and well organize emulation movements to select and introduce elite masses to supplement source for development of party members; at the same time, creating an environment and assigning experienced party members to follow up and help a party sympathizer objects grow alive the ideal, voluntarily strive and train to be a member of the Party soon.

With many strong solutions and drastic action, the number of Party organizations in newly established SOEs has increased year by year. If in term 2010-2015,  there were 17 Party organizations in SOEs being established, in term 2015-2020 , the number nearly doubled (33 Party organizations), exceeding the assigned target (target of 20 party organizations). During the term, the Party Committee of the Provincial Agencies and Enterprises has developed 386 members in SOEs (target of 150), contributing to complete the targets of Provincial Party Committee Resolution and strengthening the leadership of the Party in the private economic sector.

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