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Develope agriculture sustainably in the direction of high technology
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30/09/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL – Recently, implementing agricultural restructuring towards value added and sustainable development, focusing on agricultural development with high technology application and large-scale investment, the Agriculture sector of Binh Duong province has bring new colors. Especially, the agricultural models applying high technology bring economic efficiency and high income for farmers.

Increase productivity and quality

In the period of 2017-2020, the province restructured the crop sector in the direction of developing urban agricultural models, high-tech agriculture; to develop areas specialized in cultivation of rubber trees, specialty fruit trees, fresh vegetables, associated with processing and consumption in value chains in the northern districts; to promote the application of high yield and quality varieties, resistant to pests and diseases for key crops such as rubber, pepper, oranges, tangerines, green grapefruit, pomelo, mangosteen, and vegetables , flowers,...

By 2020, the total urban agricultural production area of the province reach over 150 ha (an increase of 15% compared to 2016); The total hi-tech area reached 5,345.3 ha (an increase of 3 times compared to 2016) with valuable crops such as vegetables, mushrooms, fruit trees, orchids, ornamental plants, ...

The application of high technology in the production of valuable crops such as melon, citrus trees, and bananas has been invested in intensive farming by organizations and individuals, and designed automatic and drip irrigation systems, planted plants according to the hydroponic method, applied the production process according to VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards in order to bring the highest productivity and quality.

Up to now, there are 75 production facilities certified to produce under VietGAP process in field of cultivation with total area of about 469 ha. Thereby, the average value of agricultural production reaches over 95 million VND / ha / year; some pomelos growing models with high technology have an average income of over VND 1 billion / ha / year.

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High-tech agriculture in Binh Duong province is in flourish

Mr. Nguyen Hong Quyet - Director of Kim Long Cooperative said that he started to participate in cultivation since 2013 with hi-tech vegetable cultivation, but he failed because of lack of experience and farming techniques. After many times of testing and successfully bringing melon products to the market, in 2016, he decided to establish Kim Long cooperative. So far, Kim Long cooperative has 45 members with 12 hectares greenhouse of hi-tech melon; 1 hectare greenhouse of leafy vegetables and raises about 200 hybrid wild boars. Thanks to the application of advanced science and technology to grow melon in the greenhouse, the cooperative's products are in high quality and recognized to meet VietGAP standards, being consumed stably in the national market. In 2019, the cooperative has supplied the market with 600 tons of melon and it is estimated that by 2020, this number will increase to about 800 tons. Revenue in 2019 reached 25 billion VND / year, creating regular jobs for nearly 100 employees with the average income of 7-10 million VND / person / month. Currently, the main partner of the cooperative is the system of supermarkets, Bach Hoa Xanh stores and minimart supermarket chains.

"Compared to planting rubber and cashew, the income from growing melon per 1 hectare is dozens of times higher. Thanks to the application of high technology, many risks of disease and climate reduced, and productivity increases 30% compared to traditional farming. Most of the farmers in the cooperative are former workers to shave rubber for latex, since workers moved to Kim Long cooperative, they have been able to flex their time and earn money. The profit ranges from 500-600 million VND / year / household (on about 3,000 m2 of land) ", Mr. Quyet shared.

NN CNC 8.jpg

NN CNC 7.jpg

The agricultural products and fruits of Binh Duong were highly appreciated

In addition to modernizing the cultivation process, the livestock sector also has a strong shift from small and dispersed husbandry to the development of centralized husbandry following the centralized farming model using high technology, linking chains, ensuring food safety and environmental sanitation.

Livestock has been applied with high technology for stable production with 142 farms investing in breeding chickens, layer chickens and broilers with a total herd of nearly 8.3 million; raising high-quality market hog and breeding pigs in 154 farms and a total herd of 517,000; raising ducks for meat in 15 farms with the number of 205,000; Dairy farming in 02 farms with the scale of 819 heads. Many companies, farms and households boldly invest and apply modern technology, advanced production lines which meet the European standards of livestock production such as: automatic feeding and drinking troughs, technology after harvest, high-yield breeds, cage systems, cage floor, cooling and heating systems, etc, which bring high economic efficiency.

Raising brand of agricultural products

Along with the construction and planning of concentrated production areas, gradually rearranging and reorganizing production, Binh Duong is paying attention to strongly shift crop structure and seasons, applying new scientific and technical advances, applying high technology to production in order to shift the production focus on quantity to quality and efficiency.

Up to now, Binh Duong has had 04 hi-tech agricultural zones, including: Tien Hung hi-tech agricultural zone (Bac Tan Uyen district); High-tech agricultural zone in Tan Hiep and Phuoc Sang communes (Phu Giao district); High-tech agricultural zone in Vinh Tan commune (Tan Uyen town) and An Thai hi-tech agricultural zone (Phu Giao district).

In which, the highlight is An Thai hi-tech agricultural zone (Unifarm) invested by U&I Investment Joint Stock Company with a total project area of 411.75 ha.

After a period of selection and trial, Unifarm has put into production crops with comparative advantage and high economic efficiency such as banana, melon, citrus, and longan with a large-scale production model in Binh Duong. In addition, Unifarm has tested a heat-tolerant avocado tree selected by the Southern Horticutural Research Institute with an area of 1.95 hectares. Unifarm's products, especially bananas, have been exported to Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and demanding markets such as Japan and South Korea. In addition, the Company also signed contracts to supply products to major domestic supermarkets such as Saigon Co.op, Big C, Aeon, Lotte, etc; Unifarm's products are now available in most supermarkets and shops nationwide.

NN CNC 4.jpg

NN CNC 5.jpg

Melon growing model meets the GlobalGAP standard of Unifarm

Unifarm General Director – Mr. Pham Quoc Liem - one of the pioneers in applying new technology to agricultural development in the province, shared that with effort and determination, Unifarm opened a new path by itself, opend tours to study about agriculture in Israel, Taiwan, and Japan and invited leading experts in the field of agriculture to advise and work for Unifarm. The plants that Unifarm chose are the ones that Israel planted with top yield and quality in the world, including: bell peppers, tomatoes, melon, eggplant, asparagus ... Right in the first planting season, Unifarm become the first company nationwide to meet GlobalGAP standards with the above products. After a period of distributing to the market, Unifarm decided to expand the scale of growing melon. As a result of hard working, Unifarm has successfully developed a number of other crop models, including banana.

Mr. Liem added that from the beginning of joining this industry, Unifarm always focused on product quality and safety, thereby, Unifarm's products meet the standards for consumption in demanding markets such as Japan, Korea, and Singapore.

NN CNC 2.jpg

NN CNC 3.jpg

Banana garden and high-tech banana products of Unifarm

For organic production, typically Vinamit Joint Stock Company invests in developing 150 hectares of agricultural products such as jackfruit, banana, all kind of vegetables, etc certified by organic farming, organic processing and organic agricultural products according to Organic USDA standards (US Department of Agriculture) and Organic EU (European Union).

In addition, there are 03 large-scale livestock projects in the province, namely: High-tech poultry breeding area in Vinh Tan commune, Tan Uyen town invested by Ba Huan Co., Ltd. (area 17.6 ha) with the total number of Hau Bi chicken and commercial layers of 01 million chickens / 20 farms, the average yield is 500 thousand eggs / day. Tien Hung hi-tech agricultural zone in Hieu Liem commune, Bac Tan Uyen district (an area of 78.5 ha) with a total of 300 thousand layer chickens and 95 thousand Hau Bi chicken; the average number of eggs produced is 80 million / year. High-tech dairy farm, Tan Hiep and Phuoc Sang communes, Phu Giao district, invested by Binh Duong Agricultural Development Joint Stock Company with a total assigned area of 471.81 ha; the Company's total herd of dairy cows is over 850 heads; the average milk yield was 17.7 kg / cow / day, the average total milk yield was about 199,771 kg / month. The model of cage is designed according to high technology, fully automating the stages such as harvesting and processing food; waste collection and treatment, milking, etc.

NN CNC 6.jpg

High-tech poultry breeding area invested by Ba Huan Co., Ltd. in Tan Uyen town

Along with practical benefits to bring a stable life, increase income for people, limit dependence on breeders, weather, epidemics, and high-tech agricultural production brings economic efficiency, creating stable and outstanding products in quantity and quality. High-tech agriculture, clean agriculture, organic agricultural products according to Organic standards, VietGAP and GlobalGAP production, are and will be the inevitable direction in agricultural production of the people; change the new look of agricultural sector in the province and raise the level of development of Vietnam's Agriculture as emphasized by Prime Minister – Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc: "Vietnam's Agriculture must evoke the aspirations of the nation, in the next 10 years, Vietnam strive to be in the group of 15 countries with the most developed agriculture; in the field of agricultural product processing, Vietnam must be in the top 10 of the world ".

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