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Strongly develop high-quality service industries
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30/09/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - In the period 2015-2020, implementing the Provincial Party Committee's Program No. 24-CTr/TU on continuing to develop high-quality services for industrial and urban development, Binh Duong has achieved outstanding achievements. Service infrastructure has been increasingly completed and improved quality, effectively contributing to increasing competitiveness, reducing service costs, creating a good value of export surplus.

Increase the proportion of service industry

In the direction of sustainable development, along with attracting high technology and advanced production, Binh Duong concurrently focuses on promoting the development of high-quality trade and services. In particular, priority is given to services with high brain content, e-commerce, promoting financial investment, banking, and innovative technology ... The province also expects a high increase in the proportion of service industry, which will put things back, create a driving force for industrial development.

According to statistics, the total retail sales of goods and consumer service revenue increased by an average of 17.95% / year, of which the total retail sales of goods increased by 15.81% / year on average. The system of trade and service infrastructure has been continuously invested and upgraded; developing many types of distribution with the participation of big brands both in domestic and oversea. The tourism industry continues to grow, increasing by 5% annually in arrivals and 6% in revenue; promoting Binh Duong tourism operation and advertisement have contributed to the formation of provincial tourist destinations for domestic and international tourists.

The average growth rate of exports is 9.31% / year; the export market is constantly expanding, the structure of export products has shifted in the direction of increasing the proportion of processed industrial goods. The key export products have stable growth, developing the export of technology products. The average growth rate of imports is 10.86% / year; the main are raw materials, machinery and equipment for production.

The provincial postal sector has ensured the quality of public postal services in accordance with National Technical Regulations on quality of public postal services and public services in press publishing activities (QCVN 01: 2015/BTTTT). The delivery service for some administrative procedures continued to be expanded. Telecommunication enterprises in the province have increased investment, upgraded and expanded the infrastructure network enhanced the development of BTS broadcasting stations. Especially, mobile providers Vinaphone, Mobifone Viettel has successfully deployed 4G mobile network, providing high-speed broadband Internet access. Post and telecommunications revenue in 2018 reached VND 5,969 billion (an increase of over 44.7% compared to 2016).

Model of World Trade Center in Binh Duong New City

The application of information technology to the interconnected one-door model has been implemented quite well, the reception and processing of online public service dossiers is at level 3, level 4, etc.

With the promotion of investment attraction in the high-quality trade - service sector not only creates a new look for the province, but also is an important highlight, which contribute to the development of Southern key economic region in the direction of linking industry - urban - service.

In 2019, the World Trade Center of Binh Duong New City (WTC BDNC) was recognized as an official member by the World Trade Center Association (WTC). This work is a symbol, increasing the value of the region, helping Binh Duong become a global trade integration service center, attracting partners, investors, intellectual human resources, facilitating the formation of international trade ecosystem, connecting to trade in the whole region ... In particular, WTC BDNC will be an important driving force to create momentum for Binh Duong to develop e-commerce, a trend that is increasingly exploding after the Covid -19 epidemic.

According to Dr. Nguyen Viet Long - Director of Binh Duong Smart City Office, increasing the proportion of trade and services is a prerequisite for rapid and sustainable development, thereby promoting the strength to support industry develop more efficiently. Currently, the three cities directly under the province, Thu Dau Mot, Di An and Thuan An, have a lot of potential for development and need a new breakthrough. In term of service, urban, e-commerce and financial investment in technology, these three cities are the basis of smart urban planning. In particular, the Industrial - Service - Urban Complex with the highlight of "Binh Duong New City" will continue to play the nuclear role; the World Trade Center of Binh Duong New City that is being formed is the bright spot. From the New City along the road of My Phuoc - Tan Van - Bau Bang connecting to the North is the Science - Technology Industrial Park, a key project in the future to create a breakthrough in high-tech production, promoting innovation, connect institutes, schools and businesses under the support of the State.

In 2020, localities have set a target to promote economic restructuring in the direction of increasing the proportion, quality and efficiency of services. Along with that, the locality focuses on promoting administrative reform, attracting investment, improving production capacity, efficiency and competitiveness. Especially, this is a great opportunity for 02 new cities established in 2020 to breakthrough.

Mr. Le Thanh Tai - Chairman of Di An People's Committee affirmed that the city is making efforts to implement breakthrough programs of the City Party Committee for the period 2016-2020, with a vision to 2030 in urban development. In particular, attaching importance to developing high-quality trade - services associated with industrial and urban development, improving the quality of human resources ... Currently, Di An City is focusing on urban planning; the adjustment of the general urban planning of Di An to 2040 has basically been completed. This will be an important preparation step in the next journey.

In addition, Thuan An City also shows great determination in the direction of economic restructuring on the foundations. Accordingly, the city will continue to strongly develop trade - services, promote investment in infrastructure construction, create favorable conditions for socio-economic development in all aspects, and goods circulation, and improve people's lives.

Logistics - leverage for development

The development of logistics services in recent years has made an important contribution to promoting the economic development of the province, especially in the field of domestic goods distribution, export and import. Up to now, there are 15 logistics centers capable of providing 3PL level services (outsourced logistics - logistics services provided by third parties, but individually), 4PL (logistics chain, logistics services is fully supplied, forming a "chain") and striving to 2025, a number of large centers will reach level above 5PL (E-logistics - Logistics based on e-commerce). In which, there are 02 ICDs (Inland Container Depot) in operation: Song Than ICD with an area of 50 hectares and the Port cluster - Di An Logistics Center with an area of 40 hectares, which contribute to forming a network of modern and professional logistics centers, basically meet the needs of industrial development, export and import of the province.

Goods transportation at Tan Cang - Song Than ICD

Binh Duong develops many modern and large-scale industrial parks, diversified types of export products, creating a plentiful source of goods for logistics service activities. Therefore, promoting the development of the logistics service industry and increasing the value of goods become one of the key tasks in the province's economic development plan for the period 2015-2020.

In this situation, businesses in the Logistics Association have also made efforts to propose many measures for development. Enterprises have strengthened the connection and reorganized logistics activities to improve the capacity and quality of service providers of the industry, and at the same time, strongly apply informatics technology in trade and logistics towards cutting down the costs. Binh Duong Logistics Association implements the project to reduce costs for businesses towards 3 goals: plan development strategies based on the principles of regional integration; build river and railway infrastructure connecting industrial zones in province and outside the province; improve services towards specialization and increase of competitiveness.

To create a premise for connecting and developing river ports for import and export container handling enterprises in the Southeast region, in last August, at Thanh Phuoc Port, Tan Cang Shipping Joint Stock Company has successfully deployed 2 routes of domestic container shipping services by barge to Thanh Phuoc Port. Specifically, Tan Cang no.19 barge operates the route from Tan Cang - Cat Lai Port to Thanh Phuoc Port and delivers to TAGS D.D.P's warehouse. Phuoc Tao no.10 barge operates the route from Cai Mep Port (TCIT / CMIT) to Thanh Phuoc Port and delivers to VAS Tue Minh steel's warehouse. This is a connection solution that has been researched and deployed by Tan Cang Service Center, marketing, and Tan Cang Shipping JSC and Thanh Phuoc Port since 2017, aiming to attract import and export enterprises in Binh Duong province and surrounding areas.

According to experts in the logistics industry, the development fiscal space for logistics industry in Binh Duong is still large. The market continued to grow thanks to the expansion of industrial activities and e-commerce. In addition, the regional infrastructure projects as well as the Government's investment plan to develop logistics infrastructure in sync with the regional economic growth will be favorable conditions for development of logistics industry. Strengthening links with businesses will help reduce logistics costs, in the short term overcoming the situation of empty container in order to lower costs for businesses.​

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