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Speed up the site clearance work and public investment
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24/09/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - The provincial People's Committee implements the direction of the Prime Minister and the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee on site clearance work and public investment.

Accordingly, in order to complete the task of disbursing the 2020 public investment capital plan in the province, departments, boards, branches, districts, towns and cities must thoroughly grasp cadres, civil servants and public employees within the units and localities the Prime Minister's opinions in Notice No. 242/TB-VPCP dated July 18, 2020 of the Government Office; direction of the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Official Letter No. 4403 / BKHDT-TH dated July 9, 2020, Official Letter No. 4767 / BKHDT-TH dated July 23, 2020; directives of the Provincial Standing Party Committee at Notice No. 873-TB/ TU dated July 10, 2020, Notice No. 879-TB/TU dated July 24, 2020 and the instructions of the Provincial People's Committee on public investment in the first 06 months of 2020.

At the same time, enhancing the leaders' responsibility from investor units, local authorities, land fund development centers, leaders of agencies and units that take comprehensive responsibility to competent authorities for delaying, failing to reach the assigned target of public investment disbursement in 2020 related to the functions and tasks of the sector and their locality. In case of failure to complete the disbursement plan according to the set schedule, it is necessary to review the responsibilities of the collectives, the heads and concerned individuals; resolutely combat stagnation, corruption, and negative public investment; transfer, review and handle the delayed and wrong cases in accordance with the Prime Minister's instructions in Notice No. 242/TB-VPCP. Especially, for compensation and site clearance work, it is necessary to resolutely enforce coercive measures in cases of deliberate delay, failure to comply with the law. The Chairman of District People's Committee reports and recommends the ground clearance coordination to the Provincial Steering Committee for Compensation and Site Clearance every 2 weeks for timely guidance.

Investors develop plans of implementation progress; attach the disbursement plan to each project and report to the Provincial People's Committee, Department of Planning and Investment, relevant departments, agencies and related organizations to coordinate implementation and resolve difficulties and problems during implementation. Ensure the parallel implementation of the two tasks that is focusing on disbursing the capital plan in 2020 and building a medium-term public investment plan for the period of 2021 - 2025.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, mass organizations at all levels promote propaganda and mobilize the people to understand the province's socio-economic development orientations, goals and policies associated with the needs of infrastructure investment in order to create the consensus of the people in compensation and site clearance work.


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