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People's life in rural area has been improved day by day
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23/09/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL- The National Target Program on New Rural Development (NTP-NRD) is like a new wind blowing "vitality" in rural areas. The change from the people's material to spiritual life together with impressive numbers in the 05-year period (2016-2020) is a concrete proof of the practicality and effectiveness of the NRD program in Binh Duong province.​

The people enjoy the results

It can be seen that, regardless of the stage, the NRD programs and policies are oriented towards the ultimate goal of improving people's material and spiritual life, placing people in the central position is considered as the goal, the driving force of growth.

In the past 5 years (2016-2020), through the National Target Program on NRD, the central and provincial policies on investment in rural development have created a new face for rural areas; the socio-economic infrastructure has been markedly improved. Up to now, Binh Duong has reached 100% of commune roads and roads from the commune center to district roads, 100% of hamlet roads and inter-village roads have been asphalted, which creates favorable conditions for promoting the consumption of agricultural products in large-scale; at the same time, attracting enterprises to invest in rural areas. The system of markets, shooping malls and other areas for sale and purchase goods meet the serving needs for people in rural area.

NTM BD lam duong.jpg

Road construction in Thanh An commune, Dau Tieng district

Medical examination and treatment services and health care services for people in rural areas have been strengthened; the grassroots medical network has been gradually strengthened and developed; the whole province has 100% of communes meeting health standards. Telecommunication network, mobile phone, Internet covers and extends to hamlets; 100% of communes have qualified cultural houses. In recent years, the economic structure of the province has shifted strongly towards increasing the proportion of industry and services, reducing the proportion of agriculture (the corresponding proportion is industry 63.99%, services 33%, and agriculture 3.01%). With the focus on restructuring the Agriculture sector, people in rural areas have access to many suitable and effective agricultural production models associated with stable jobs.

Economic development means that people's lives are constantly being improved and the access to and enjoyment of social services is better. The current per capita income in rural areas is 58 million VND / person / year (an increase of 169% compared to 2010); 100% houses meet the standards of the Ministry of Construction, there are no temporary houses or dilapidated houses. Binh Duong is also one of the 06 localities in the country with the poverty line higher than the national poverty line (1.7 times higher); The rate of poor households according to the province's criteria is only 1.3%, basically there are no poor households according to the central standards, and there are no households coming back to be poor.

In the annual program, the province's development plans all reserve "decision-making" for people in rural areas such as vocational training for workers, production support, building charity houses, transferring technical faculties, preferential loans for production etc.

Rapid development of human resources, especially high quality human resources, has been identified as a long-term strategy and a decisive factor for the province's future development. The education infrastructure system in rural areas continues to develop, contributing to improving the quality of education in rural areas with over 66% of schools meeting national standards, and 100% of schools at all levels with facilities and equipment for teaching meet national standards; Accordingly, the quality of teaching and learning has been gradually improved, the percentage of students passing the exams at all grades has increased over the years.

Highlighting the role of people in NRD

In the process of NRD, people are a key factor determining the effectiveness of the movement. Before the transformation of the countryside, in addition to inheriting the available conditions from the facilities, people in rural areas have been in harmony with the new trend of the integration period by actively grasping scientific and technical knowledge, positively responding to movements of high technology application in production, start-up, and innovation. The change also comes from the farmer's sense of self-reliance, dynamic ability, will and aspiration to get rich, dare to think and dare to do.

By visiting the efficient economic models, participation in science and technology training sessions, and crop seminars organized by Farmers' Association in Tan Hiep Ward, Tan Uyen town, Mr. Le Van Hon successfully tested the model of abalone mushroom. In addition to technical knowledge, Mr. Hon also boldly applies new technologies such as using automatic systems to reduce labor costs, applying production chain models associated with preservation, processing and consumption of agricultural products; Clean agricultural production associated with environmental protection. As a result, productivity and product quality are improved for a high income and stable economy, after deducting costs, Mr. Hon's family still has a net profit of 1 million dong per day.

The emulation movement "Good farmers in production and business" has created a wide and vibrant atmosphere. In the past 5 years, the province has had more than 132,000 households won the title of good farmer in production and business at all levels. The application of high technology in agricultural production has been applied by many businesses, farmers and households with high economic efficiency. Collective economic models are interested in consolidating and developing. The whole province has 152 cooperatives (including 72 cooperatives located in 46 communes of NRD) with over 55,000 members; there are many new models of cooperatives associated with the effective value operating chain, expanding investment and business; 73 agricultural production establishments and farms were certified with VietGAP standards. Concentrated husbandry with high technology application continued to be developed in 119 farms.

bdHND dua luoi.jpg

The model of growing Rockmelon in a greenhouse in An Thai high-tech industrial park

One of the factors contributing to the success of the NRD in Binh Duong is that the localities have mobilized great resources from the people. The farmers play the role of main subject directly involved in homeland development. Accordingly, the total capital for implementing the NRD Program in the period 2016-2020 is more than 14,000 billion VND, in which the contributed capital of businesses and people is 4,000 billion VND. Particularly, the Farmer​s 'Union at all levels mobilized members to actively participate in the construction of rural infrastructure with the total donation amount of more than 6 billion VND and 6,000 working days to start building 590km of roads in the countryside, to repair and renew 10 bridges and culverts. 37,000m2 of land has been devoted to public welfare projects.

During the process of NRD, the people's ownership is maximized under the motto "people know, people discuss, people do, people check". For key projects of the units, localities have made public their planning; organized many dialogues through people's opinions. Committees at all levels, authorities, Fatherland Front, departments, and mass organizations always promptly grasp and propagate issues related to the rights and interests of the people for them to understand clearly, which create people's consensus.

By the end of 2019, Binh Duong reached the target of 46/46 communes that complete the target of NRD. The achievements of the past 5-year period are the results of the right guidelines, directions, policies, creative ways, key investment and consensus in all classes of people. The province has determined that the mission of NRD in 2020 and the following years must be associated with sustainable development on the basis of large-scale agricultural development and technology application.

To achieve the goal, Mr. Tran Thanh Liem - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee proposed Party committees, authorities and mass organizations to continue promoting propaganda, raising awareness, promoting people's role of the subject, the residential community in NRD to actively build rural traffic movements, develop production, protect the environment, ensure social security, security and order in the location of residence; contribute to improving people's material and spirit life. Besides, focus on mobilizing resources to invest in developing and completing rural infrastructure, creating a premise to promote socio-economic development, ensuring basic completion of essential infrastructure. To focus on well implementing the planning of hi-tech agricultural production regions in association with building production-processing and consumption chains; as a basis for implementing investment in developing infrastructure for production. The People's Committees of districts and towns need to focus on reviewing and investing in improving the quality of the criteria according to the criteria which is set for new rural communes, new model rural communes; Binh Duong has been striving to have 50% of communes meeting advanced new rural standards, 10% of communes meeting new model rural standards in 2025, income per capita will increase at least 1.8 times compared to 2020.

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