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Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee- Mr. Nguyen Thanh Truc welcomes Vina Kraft Paper Company Limited
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22/09/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​PORTAL - On the afternoon of September 18, at the Binh Duong Administrative Center, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee - Mr. Nguyen Thanh Truc had a welcome meeting with Vina Kraft Paper Co., Ltd which led by Mr. Sompob Witworrasakul - General Director of Vina Kraft Paper Company.

​​At the meeting, Mr. Sompob Witworrasakul gave a brief report on the operation of the Company. Recently, due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, production and business situation of the Company has faced a number of difficulties in raw materials and consumption markets. However, up to now, Company has gradually stabilized and strives to fulfill the target set out in the year. Mr. Sompob Witworrasakul thanked Vietnam generally and Binh Duong province particularly for focusing well on disease control as well as facilitating and stabilizing import and export markets to support businesses to have effective production.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Mr. Nguyen Thanh Truc said that, under the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, Binh Duong always accompanied and shared difficulties with domestic and foreign businesses. The Vice Chairman also acknowledged the contributions made by Vina Kraft Paper Company Limited to the province's development over the past 10 years; at the same time, he would like to thank the Company's sharing spirit through the support of medical supplies for Covid-19 pandemic prevention and fighting. In addition, Mr. Sompob Witworrasakul - General Director of Vina Kraft Paper Company also made many practical contributions to building Binh Duong Smart City at the conferences. In the coming time, Binh Duong will continue to pay attention to improving the investment environment, creating good conditions for businesses to return to operation and develop stably with long-term attachment to Binh Duong province.

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Delegates take photos

Vina Kraft Paper Co., Ltd is located in My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, was established in January 2007 and started commercial operations in the second quarter of 2009. Vina Kraft is a joint venture between SCG and Rengo. SCG is one of Thailand's leading industrial groups in petrochemicals, paper, cement, building materials and distribution; Rengo is the largest carton supplier and the leading manufacturer of packaging paper in Japan. With a capacity of 220,000 tons per year and modern technology of paper machine, Vina Kraft is now considered as the largest and most modern packaging paper factory in Vietnam. Vina Kraft pays great attention to environmental management by minimizing the use of natural resources and limiting pollution, fully complying with environmental regulations.

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