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Binh Duong improves the quality of labor training
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21/08/2020 | Thanh Hung

PORTAL - In the face of a wave of global supply chain transformation, Binh Duong has taken the initiative to attract high quality foreign investment (FDI) capital. In particular, focusing on improving the quality of human resources, especially high-quality human resources, trained and qualified workers to actively seize opportunities, take advantage of every opportunity to attract and anticipate the wave of foreign investment capital movement into Binh Duong after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The trend of shifting FDI capital out of China is increasingly taking place, especially from two countries with large corporations in the world such as the US, Japan and another part of Europe countries. This issue was further affirmed by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc during the meeting with localities in the key economic region of the South at the end of May. The Prime Minister said that after the Covid-19 pandemic, the world was in serious crisis in all aspects. The trend of shifting investment outflow out of mainland China is taking place more and more strongly, all countries want to get rid of the excessive too much dependence on large factories producing goods from China. In the context of good pandemic control and being close to China, Vietnam has the opportunity to welcome investment waves. "The question is, what must we do to proactively develop? What policy do we have to develop the country's socio-economic development?" - said the Prime Minister.

Binh Duong is focusing on training high-quality human resources to meet development needs. In the photo: Eastern International University awards diplomas to students

The trend is clear, but what to make attractive large and high-quality investor requires appropriate solutions. Binh Duong is also facing the opportunity to welcome the "wave" of  the supply chains from all over the world. The province’ requirements today is to act quickly to seize opportunities. During the past time, improving the quality of human resources is one of the fundamental solutions that the province has focused extremely. According to the statistics on the quality of human resources in FDI enterprises in general today, it can be seen that up to 37% of the labor could not meet the duties, nearly 40% of enterprises are in shortage labor, many companies take from 1 to 2 years for retraining their workforce.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Long - Deputy General Director of Becamex IDC, Director of Binh Duong Smart City Office, said that international investors are taking part in restructuring activities, repositioning the supply chain in the post-Covid-19 pandemic, the realization of high-tech and quality products of Vietnam is an ever closer opportunities. Therefore, the barriers of quality and workmanship need to be removed quickly if we want to receive high quality FDI inflows in the coming time. Developing high-quality human resources is the most important requirement to attract investment in the new era, taking a decisive role in creating potentials to break through, towards knowledge economy, digital economy, meet new demands in smart city construction.

In fact, Binh Duong needs to recruit about 50,000 laborers each year, of which more than 70% of labors have been strived with vocational training. To accomplish this, the province has set out many remuneration policies, including a strategy to attract human resources. Binh Duong has linked to attract labor resources according to the "triangle" model. Up to now, there have been more than 30 provinces and cities linking labor supply to Binh Duong through 2 recruitment methods according to the "triangle" linkage model between enterprises, provincial job placement centers and job service centers, the units and organizations of other provinces closely link together to introduce and supply labor for Binh Duong and the way businesses recruit directly with units and organizations of other provinces. The association model has contributed to attracting labor resources in general and high-quality human resources in particular, partially meeting the labor demand of enterprises in the province.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Truc - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee said that, in addition to the advantages of geographical location and infrastructure, it can be said that the policy on improving the quality of human resources in recent years has been actively implemented, synchronous, contributing to creating satisfaction for investors. Training staff, human resources; attracting qualified and skilled workers to industries in need has contributed to increasing the rate of trained workers, creating an attractive investment environment for businesses to come to Binh Duong. The demand for human resources for FDI enterprises in Binh Duong in the coming time will continue to increase, but mainly focus on high quality human resources. With radical solutions from the action program of the Provincial Party Committee and the implementation plan of the Provincial People's Committee, Binh Duong strives to increase the rate of trained labor to 80% in order to match the economic restructuring, meeting the requirements of attracting investment in the direction of giving priority to the development of services - industries associated with the urbanization process.

According to the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, up to now, in addition to 8 universities in the area, Binh Duong has a network of vocational training institutions developed throughout districts, towns and cities with 95 vocational education institutions. In which, there are 7 colleges and 1 college branch, 12 intermediate/vocational secondary schools, 16 vocational training centers, and 58 enterprises registered to operate vocational education. Every year, the vocational training institutions in the province enroll about 30,000 students. Determining that vocational education is a key task in order to improve the quality of human resources, to meet the requirements of the 4.0 revolution, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs has implemented many solutions to link training between schools and enterprises.

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