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Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Mai Hung Dung receives the Consulate General of Canada
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20/07/2020 | Nguyen Trang

BEGIC - ​On the morning of July 16, at the Administrative Center of Binh Duong Province, Mr. Mai Hung Dung - Member of the Provincial Standing Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee received Mr. Kyle Nunas - Consulate General of Canada in Ho Chi Minh City coming for a farwell call with provincial leaders on the occasion of ending the term.

At the meeting, Standing Vice Chairman Mai Hung Dung expressed his happiness when Mr. Kyle Nunas spent time visiting Binh Duong. Simultaneously, congratulating to Mr. Kyle Nunas for successfully fulfilling his term of office in Vietnam. The Standing Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee briefly introduced the socio-economic development situation of Binh Duong province in the first 6 months of 2020 and the development orientation of Binh Duong in the coming time, especially the objective of building Binh Duong Smart City in the future. Of the 65 countries and territories with enterprises investing in Binh Duong, Canadian enterprises have 19 projects, with a total investment of over USD 78.8 million, mainly focused business lines such as: Electronic devices, manufacturing mechanical products, equipment and machinery used in construction. Until now, most Canadian enterprises are in production and business activities effectively. These good results contribute to fostering the friendly and cooperative relationship between Canada - Vietnam generally and Binh Duong province particularly.

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Standing Vice Chairman Mai Hung Dung receives Mr. Kyle Nunas - Consulate General of Canada in Ho Chi Minh City

Mr. Kyle Nunas and members of the Delegation were impressed by the outstanding development results of Binh Duong over the past time as well as the unanimity and determination to effectively prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic, quickly solving difficulties, obstacles of enterprises in order to continue attracting investment, building the Binh Duong Smart City Project. Mr. Kyle Nunas will continue to recommend and promote for Canadian enterprises to explore investment opportunities in Binh Duong.

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Delegates take souvenir photos

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