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The 5th Party Congress of Dau Tieng District Party Committee, 2020-2025 term
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14/07/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​BEGIC - On July 09 and 10, Dau Tieng District Party Committee held the 5th Party Congress, 2020-2025 term.

The Congress was attended by Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet - Former State President; Mr. Vo Van Minh - Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council; Mr. Vo Van Ba - Member of the Provincial Standing Party Committee, Head of Internal Affairs of Provincial Party Committee; Ms. Nguyen Minh Thuy - Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Head of the Organization Committee of Provincial Party Committee; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Truc - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and 250 delegates representing 3,649 party members in 45 Party organizations under Dau Tieng District Party Committee.

Over the past term, the Party Committee, authorities and residents of Dau Tieng district have promoted the tradition of solidarity, creativity and dynamism, striving to achieve many important and comprehensive results in all fields. The provincial economy continues to develop stably. Achieving and exceeding 33/35 targets of the Resolution for the 2015-2020 term. The total production value in the district increased higher than planned and the economic structure continued to shift in the right direction. Agriculture gradually shifted towards developing high-tech application agriculture; Industry, trade and services are increasingly accounting for a high proportion in the economic structure. The national target programs for new rural development and sustainable poverty reduction program achieves the established goals and plans. Social security is concerned and people's lives have been constantly improved. Political security and social order and safety are stably maintained. The work of building the Party, political system, administrative reform has been promoted. The Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations have innovations in terms of contents and mode of operation. The cadres, party members and people have stable thought and trust in the Party's leadership, management and execution of the State.

On behalf of the Provincial Standing Party Committee, Mr. Vo Van Ba - Head of the Internal Affairs of the Provincial Party Committee recognized and congratulated the achievements of Dau Tieng district in the last term. At the same time, he specified some key tasks so that the District Party Executive Committee focused on orientating the development in the coming years. Particularly, it is necessary to well perform the planning and management, exploiting the potentials and advantages of the district in order to obtain breakthrough programs in economic restructuring and service development, especially tourism service. Enhancing investment attraction, increasing the proportion of industry and service sectors; economic development goes in parallel with socio-cultural development, attaching great importance to ensuring social security; considering the Party building work as a key task.

 BCH ra mat dai hoi.jpg

Dau Tieng District Party Executive Committee, 2020-2025 term at the Congress

The Congress elected 41 members of the Dau Tieng District Party Executive Committee, 5th Session, 2020-2025 term. The District Party Executive Committee held the first meeting and elected District Standing Committee including 11 members; elected the Secretary, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee, the Inspection Committee and the Chairman of the District's Inspection Committee. Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung – the District Party Committee Secretary, 2015-2020 term continues to be trusted to hold the position of District Secretary for the 2020-2025 term. The Congress elected the Delegation to attend the 11th Provincial Party Congress, including 25 members (including 01 implied delegate, 22 official delegates and 02 alternate delegates).

 Doan dai bieu ra mát dai hoi.jpg

The delegation in the 11th Provincial Party Congress at the Congress

At the Congress, the delegates voted to approve the Congress Resolution. According to the Resolution, the overall objective in the term is to improve the leadership and fighting power of the Party, build a clean and strong political system; promote the democracy and strength of the great national unity bloc, build up a streamlined political apparatus, raise the operational efficiency and effectiveness of all levels of government. To ensure the sustainable economic development towards prioritizing the industry, trade and service development; build the synchronous and modern infrastructure associated with the process of urbanization; maintain political security and social order and safety; improve the physical, cultural and spiritual life of the people, ensure social security and protect the environment. To build and develop Dau Tieng district towards achieving the new advanced rural standards.

Bieu quyet thong qua NQ.jpg 

Delegates vote for resolutions of the Congress


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