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Strengthen the direction on the organization of 2020 high school graduation examination in Binh Duong province
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09/07/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​BEGIC - The Provincial People's Committee issued a Directive on strengthening the direction on the organization of 2020 High school graduation examination (High School) in Binh Duong Province.

Accordingly, in order to organize the 2020 High School Graduation Examination in the province meeting the requirements of ensuring the Examination seriously, honestly, objectively and fairly, the Provincial People's Committee requests the Department of Education and Training, based on the Examination Regulation and the Ministry of Education and Training's guidlines on the 2020 High School Graduation Examination, to closely combine with related units and localities in perform some of following content:

Advising and submitting to the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee to establish the Provincial Examination Steering Committee; continuing to propagate the purpose, requirements and innovative content of the Examination to students and their parents; disseminating and increasing awareness of cadres, teachers and students, especially grade 12 students, on the Regulation on Examination, the Regulation on University and College Admissions and the regulations and instructions related to the Examination; directing, regularly inspecting the performance of the program, plan of teaching and reviewing for students to master the knowledge, practice test-taking skills; guiding students to register for exams and admission to universities and colleges, having responsiblilities for answering wonders and questions of candidates and people about the contents related to the Examiation.

In addition, building plans to mobilize qualified staff, cardes and teachers to participate in monitoring the exam, marking the tests and remarking; providing professional training on exam organization and inspection for cardes and teachers involved; well preparing material and financial conditions to ensure a safe, serious and effective examination; arranging resources to perform the stages of examination strictly according to the regulations and guiding documents of the Ministry of Education and Training; combining with the People's Committees of districts, towns and cities in building plan to organize Examination and arrange examination Sites to ensure favorable conditions for candidates and cardes performing the examination; combining with relevant departments, committees, agencies and units to ensure traffic safety, security and order,  to ensure  travel, accommodation, hygiene, health and food safety for candidates and cardes performing the examination at the examiation Sites. Summarizing the situation of Exam organization, the result of the Exam to timely report to the Provincial People's Committee, the Ministry of Education and Training by the time regulated. ​

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