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Wood industry enterprises enterprises promote online transactions during the Covid-19 season
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22/05/2020 | Thanh Hung
BEGIC - Binh Duong's wood product manufacturing and processing industry accounts for 50% of the national wood export value. Over the past few months, the Covid-19 epidemic has significantly affected the production and export of timber by enterprises in the province. Enterprises are forced to promote market expansion and apply electronic sales.

According to the timber enterprises (DN) in the province, many wooden orders that have been exported before are delayed, along with a number of countries that have closed and stopped trading goods (mainly markets UK, USA) due to the Covid-19 epidemic, many businesses in the industry faced financial difficulties and export markets. In addition, the production and export situation of the timber industry is affected by importing countries applying restrictions on import and export or strengthening goods control to limit the spread of epidemics, leading to interrupting the progress of implementation of export contracts previously signed, causing large quantities of goods of many enterprises.

At the beginning of 2020, many experts said that Binh Duong's wood industry continued to make breakthroughs and possibly together with the whole country, bringing the export value of wood products to 12,5 billion USD, but the disease has slowed the pace of the machine. enterprise. The closure of cargo ports in some countries has narrowed production, many businesses suspended production and waited for the epidemic to pass to ensure the health and safety for workers and workers.

According to the Chairman of Binh Duong Timber Association of Dien Quang Hiep, the province currently has 1.600 enterprises operating in the timber industry (accounting for 40% of the timber enterprises across the country), in January, February of 2020 production value of the businesses have a growth, but since the beginning of March, the Covid-19 epidemic has caused 30% of businesses to suspend operations, businesses with export orders to countries such as the US and Denmark are coming soon. countries in the European Union (EU) also produced in moderation waiting for "signals" to open from partners when the epidemic was controlled. In fact, combined with the forecast of a short decline in orders, the remaining months of the year will be difficult to achieve export value of 12,5 billion USD as the target set from 2019.

However, in the context of the disease also appeared bright spots. Some businesses have good growth, abundant orders and overtime to ensure progress. These are long-time companies in the industry, have a wide customer network, especially built an online sales system early to help proactively market and trade through E-Commerce Exchange.

Producing export timber at Kaiser Vietnam Wood Co., Ltd

Facing the aforementioned difficulties, many wood enterprises in the province are trying to find domestic sources of raw materials to replace imported materials. In addition, many wood enterprises have built online sales systems, transacting via e-commerce exchanges. Currently this form accounts for more than 50% of the orders of wood businesses in the province.

Mr. Dien Quang Hiep said that the complex disease context has proved that online transactions are an indispensable trend in the world. The business community of timber industry in Binh Duong is one to two years slower than other countries, but now businesses are deploying cooperation with major E-Commerce exchanges in the world such as Alibaba Group, Amazon ... At, Binh Duong Timber Association supports by continuously opening online transaction training courses for member businesses and receives a great response from businesses. E-commerce transactions currently account for more than 50% of the orders of businesses in the province of Binh Duong.

According to information from the People's Committee of Binh Duong Province, in the first quarter of 2020, most businesses have been proactive in sourcing raw materials for production until the end of March 2020, to ensure the orders signed from the beginning of the year, many The company has signed orders with traditional customers until the second quarter of 2020. Typically, at Hiep Long Export Furniture Manufacturing Company (Hiep Long Company, Thuan An City), from the beginning of 2020 until now, goods have been exported with a value of over US $ 3 million, an increase of about 5% compared to with the same period.

In addition to solutions to overcome difficulties of enterprises, the Wood Association of Binh Duong province also proposed many solutions to remove difficulties and speed up production such as policies on reducing land tax and enterprise income tax; Proposing commercial banks to reduce interest rates to 2%, to extend the time to complete mature debts; suspend payment of insurance premiums (Social Insurance, Unemployment Insurance) and encourage workers to take unpaid leave, and share difficulties with businesses when production must be temporarily pause.

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