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Binh Duong approaches and expands export markets
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13/05/2020 | Thanh Hung

BEGIC - Along with the effort of enterprises (DN) in maintaining exports, industry and trade have been focusing on supporting businesses to connect production and expand markets.

Export efforts

In the first months of 2020, the country's import and export situation faced many difficulties when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out around the world. However, with the relentless efforts of businesses, coupled with the "resistance" was prepared in advance, the close support of local authorities, the key industries of the province still maintained growth.

Export growth in April reached the lowest level since the beginning of the year, which is also the general situation of international and regional trade. The good news is that compared to 2019, turnover still has an impressive positive number. Specifically, the export turnover in April 2020 was estimated at US $ 2 billion, down 4.8% from the previous month and up 5.4% over the same period. In the first 4 months of 2020, export turnover is estimated at 8 billion USD 2 million, up 5.4% over the same period. In which, domestic economic sector was 1,372.4 million USD, rising by 3.6%; foreign invested sector 6,630.3 million USD, up 5.8%.

It is worth noting that the main export items still had impressive increase figures thanks to the leverage from the economy in the first quarter. Of which, wood products in April 2020 were estimated at US $ 255,5 million, up 4, 7% from the previous month. In 4 months, export turnover is about 924.5 million USD, up by 3.5% over the same period, accounting for 11.5% of total export turnover.

The Covid-19 epidemic has had a double impact on Vietnam's textile and apparel industry. If right from the first month of the year, businesses lack of raw materials for production, from mid-March to now, businesses fall into shortage of orders due to partners in the US and European markets postponed, canceled orders. However, with outstanding efforts, textile and garment export turnover in April 2020 was estimated at 211,2 million USD, up 2,9% over the same period. In the first 4 months, export turnover is about 777,8 million USD, up by 4,1% from the previous month, accounting for 9.7% of total export turnover. However, textile enterprises also said that in May and June 2020, Vietnam's textile and garment industry has not shown signs of improvement, enterprises still have to focus on coping and finding solutions to maintain jobs and ensure livelihoods for worker.

With the complicated disease situation in most major export markets such as the US and EU, especially the global demand is expected to decrease by about 25%, the leather and footwear industry will have a year of sharp decrease in needles. export quota. However, in April, the export turnover of this item was estimated at 264.6 million USD, up 3.5% over the previous month. In 4 months, export turnover is about 951.4 million USD, up by 3.5% YoY, accounting for 11.9% of total export turnover. Ceramics and porcelain in April-2020 continued to increase slightly, export turnover was estimated at 12.7 million USD, up 2.5% compared to the previous month. In the first 4 months, export turnover is about 47.0 million USD, up by 3.6% over the same period.

Diversify the market

According to the Department of Industry and Trade, in order to prevent risks due to imbalance of exports and imports in some areas and to diversify and limit dependence on some markets, over the past time, the department has focused on monitoring. closely monitoring the situation of each market to review and identify the categories of goods that countries are in need of importing to exploit and promote export. The Department has also made efforts to connect and inform Vietnamese Trade Offices / Branches in foreign countries to grasp the demand for goods in each local market. On that basis, the department provides the opposite information to gather, classify and connect with associations and businesses.

Department of Industry and Trade stated that with many bilateral and multilateral trade agreements that Vietnam has signed to participate, it promises to promote market access, especially for export. Department of Industry and Trade said that the existing foundation should continue to focus on promoting restructuring in the field of industrial production. In particular, the focus area is supporting industries and right now it is necessary to focus on restructuring the link chains to serve industrial production.

Regarding the implementation of free trade agreements (FTAs) to which Vietnam is a member, after concretizing legal documents on FTAs, the Department of Industry and Trade will coordinate with departments and branches to advise the provincial People's Committee to promote activities. propaganda, dissemination and guidance on new-generation free trade agreements ... With many forms, the Department of Industry and Trade will promote the dissemination for businesses in the province to grasp the roadmap of commitments in FTAs. Vietnam is a member of the commercial business sector as well as guides to learn about commitments on tariffs, services, business and investment rights, and procurement so that enterprises can orient and build appropriate business plans. , developing in the right direction.

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