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PAPI Index 2019: Binh Duong has made progress in governance and public administration
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29/04/2020 | Nguyen Trang

​BEGIC - On the morning of​ April 28, Viet Nam announced the Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) 2019.

Accordingly, Binh Duong reached 43.97/80 points, an increase of 0.47 points compared to 2018, being classified as a "High Medium" score.

Many content indexes increased significantly, such as the "Transparency" Index reached 5.65/10 points, an increase of 0.42 points compared to 2018. In particular, Binh Duong has made progress in the "Supply of public services" index of 7.19/10 points, an increase of 0.61 points compared to 2018.

In addition, in the 02 new content indexes that have been applied since 2018 are "Environmental governance" and "Electronic governance", Binh Duong reached 3.28 points, a decrease of 1.06 points compared to 2018 and 4.31 points, an increase of 1.23 points compared to 2018, in the highest group.

In addition to the achieved results, the 2019 PAPI Index also showed the limitations that the province needs to continue making efforts to overcome in governance and public administration in the locality.  In the Content Indicators: "Public Administrative Procedures", "Accountability", "People's participation at grassroots level" Binh Duong decreased compared to 2018.

The PAPI Index is implemented by the Center for Community Support Development Studies (CECODES), Center for Personnel Training and Scientific Research of Viet Nam Fatherland Front and the United Nations Development Program in Viet Nam.

The PAPI Index in 2019 has 08 content indexes, 28 component content indexes and 120 main criteria. In 2019, PAPI surveyed the assessments of 14,138 Vietnamese citizens randomly selected across 63 provinces. The PAPI Index is divided into 04 groups of points (not ranked): The highest score group, the high average score group, the low average score group and the lowest score group.

According to experts, the PAPI Report in 2019 showed that, even before Viet Nam was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, poverty, economic growth and the environment were the people most concerned about. The report also highlighted encouraging progress in governance and public administration to meet the needs of the people and insight into the areas of reform for nearly a decade. This is useful information for policy makers in 2020 - a transitional year for Viet Nam's new development stage. The analytical results from the people's experience and lens inform the national sustainable development agenda and policymakers at a critical time when Viet Nam is developing its Socio-Economic Development Strategy for the next decade as well as addressing the global health and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. ​

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