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Non-Governmental Organizations provide USD$ 262 million to Viet Nam
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23/03/2020 | Nguyen Trang
​Afternoon of March 9, in Hanoi, the Working Committee on Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations organized an online briefings for FNGOs in 2019 and directions for tasks in 2020. Standing Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of Working Committee for FNGOs Bui Thanh Son chaired the conference.

At the Binh Duong Bridge Point, attending the conference were Mr. Tran Huu Phuoc - Deputy Director of Department of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nguyen Huynh Dinh - Vice Chairman of Provincial Fatherland Front Committee.


Participants at the Binh Duong bridge point

According to the report, Vietnam currently has 504 active NGOs. In 2019, these organizations provided USD$ 262 million in aid spread across most areas such as health, education, the environment, developing and resolving social issues, contributing to promote Viet Nam's image in the international arena. According to the overall assessment, FNGOs continue to commit to accompany with Viet Nam, making positive contributions to socio-economic development and promoting people's external relations. The majority of FNGOs comply with the relevant regulations as well as coordinate well with Vietnamese agencies in the project implementation process; aid from embassies and foreign businesses continue to account for a significant proportion; management is guaranteed and aid mobilization is strengthened. In ministries, branches and localities, FNGOs work has been paid more attention, coordination has been improved. Many ministries, branches and localities have actively implemented many effective aid mobilization activities.

In 2020, the Working Committee for FNGOs is tasked with promoting the sharing, updating information and capacity building for focal points on FNGOs works in localities, ministries and branches; continue to diversify aid sources, subjects and modes of aid mobilization. Strengthen state management of FNGOs activities, frequent information exchanges and close coordination among local agencies as well as between central and local agencies in managing, supervising FNGOs aid activities to take timely, skillful and effective measures to meet security - political and external requirements.

Speaking at the conference, Standing Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the Working Committee for FNGOs Bui Thanh Son said that in 2019, FNGOs achieved 5 important results: Maintain a stable number of aid provided by FNGOs organizations; aid continues to focus on local needs; the overall implementation has ensured security and order and social safety; promulgating 01 long-term program of coordination and mobilization of FNGOs program, effectiveness of cooperation between central and local agencies. At the same time, the Deputy Minister requested that in the coming time, need to overcome some limitations such as: The management is not strict, many projects are small, spread and prolonged; information sharing and reporting is not good. The Deputy Minister also said that in the coming time, the mobilization of aid organizations will face difficulties due to the impact on the world situation; vigilance must be focused on forces that abuse aid to combat the State; localities focus on advising research investment projects and policies with the right focus and key points; localities need to study and base on economic development strategies to build project programs when preparing Party Congress at all levels; strengthen inspection and supervision of FNGOs work etc.



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