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Implementation Plan of Binh Duong Smart City Project 2020
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13/02/2020 | Nguyen Trang
BEGIC - ​Binh Duong Smart City Executive Board has just issued a Plan to implement the Binh Duong Smart City Project 2020.

Accordingly, 2020 aims to deploy the smart platform to break through to the new era 4.0; further improve the Triple Helix cooperation model; actively participating, maximizing opportunities for cooperation with international networks and organizations of smart, innovative and science and technology cities in the world; deploy at least 3 specific projects, bringing different and direct effects to people and businesses; apply more diverse methods to propagate, attract more active participation of the community, promote collective strength.

To accomplish this goal, in 2020, Binh Duong will focus on deploying 12 key project clusters. Specifically, Binh Duong will conduct a test to register the Top 7 title of ICF (1 in 7 localities having typical smart city development strategy of 2021); focus on developing high quality human resources, creative environment, promoting science & technology applications in all sectors and levels; promote innovation in the community, support startups, build a good business environment for new businesses, expand the connection of existing businesses. At the same time, the province prioritizes the development of science & technology industry; building intelligent supply chain and logistics ecosystems; attracting domestic and foreign enterprises and institutes, paying special attention to advanced information technology, communication and production, promoting the construction of ICT systems etc.; continue to implement database systems, e-government, administrative reform and public services, especially in assisting people; step by step developing the Binh Duong Smart City Operation Center, connecting to a shared database system, starting with the 1022 hotline center, it is the focal point to receive and promptly respond to information for people through many channels and means.

At the same time, actively communicate and promote the Smart City Scheme and specific projects; organize big world-class events, prioritizing deployment into a series of Smart City events to coordinate resources, bringing great and practical significance to Binh Duong, both in terms of branding and investment attraction, exchange of experience, technology and human resources; develop sustainable development programs (clean energy, environmental protection, waste treatment, information disclosure to the people etc.), creating a good living environment for people, attracting experts to live and work and building a smart, green and clean Binh Duong brand.

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