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Binh Duong announces and signs the strategic cooperation to develop World Trade Center Binh Duong New City
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29/11/2019 | Nguyen Trang

BEGIC - ​On the evening of November 23, at Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong province held a ceremony to announce the World Trade Center Binh Duong New City (WTC BDNC) and sign a strategic cooperation agreement to develop WTC BDNC.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Tran Van Nam - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial National Assembly Delegation; Mr. Tran Thanh Liem - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; Mr. Vo Van Minh - Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council; Mr. Nguyen Van Hung – Group Executive Chairman of Becamex IDC; comrades in the Provincial Standing Committee; Vice Chairmen of People's Council, PPC; former leaders of the province through periods; leaders of departments, agencies, People's Committees of districts, towns, cities and numerous people.

On behalf of the Association and commercial organizations, Mr. Scott Wan - Vice President of the World Trade Center Association (WTCA); Mr. Tea Kyu Son - Chairman of WTC Seoul (Korea); Mr. Jun Choi - General Director of Coex Vietnam; Mr. Vo Tan Thanh - Vice Chairman of VCCI Vietnam.

After a period of construction and synchronous deployment of technical and social infrastructure, Binh Duong Industrial - Service - Urban Complex is entering a new stage of development. For in-depth construction projects, Becamex IDC has accompanied investors in researching and building residential and commercial models, complex spaces that are not only full of utilities but also highly unique and aesthetic. The goal of establishing and developing WTC BDNC is to connect and help local businesses to develop international trade, developing Binh Duong to become a dynamic area with diversified professional services, human resources development capable of global development and increasing attraction for real estate projects in the region.

Model of World Trade Center Binh Duong New City

Becamex IDC is expected to conduct the construction of WTC BDNC in the roundabout right next to the Administration Center of Binh Duong Province. With a strategic location, the centripetal point of many major boulevards of the city, WTC BND plays a nuclear role connecting in all aspects. WTC BDN is a very important highlight in the overall plan, creating the urban structure and modern image of the city. This is a complex space of functions; diverse types of services, full facilities spread over 70,000m2 of land. An ideal destination for business, cultural and community activities that take place day and night. When formed, this place will be a complex including the center of fairs, international conferences, hotels, shopping centers, offices, Metro stations connected to Metro Line 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. This will be a full service business and economic center for all residents living and working in Binh Duong Smart City in the future.

Mr. Scott Wan (right) - Vice President of WTCA awards the WTC BDNC project certificate and the Association's member flag to Becamex IDC - the investor of the WTC BDNC project

At the ceremony, Mr. Scott Wan - Vice President of WTCA announced the project certification of Binh Duong New City World Trade Center and presented the Association's member flag to the WTC BDNC project. He emphasized that today, the World Trade Center Binh Duong New City was born and was the first project of Vietnam becoming the 331th member of WTCA. WTC BDNC is expected to be leverage for service investors, small and medium enterprises in Binh Duong, gradually learn, change and standardize operating procedures, move closer to world standards, gradually connect to global trade flows.

Mr. Tran Thanh Liem - Chairman of the PPC delivers his speech at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tran Thanh Liem - Chairman of the PPC emphasized, the establishment of WTC BDNC will call for more businesses to invest in the industry and service sectors, attract a highly qualified workforce for the construction of smart cities, especially when WTC BDNC is formed, it will be an impressive highlight, a useful institution to serve the community, aiming to the noble goal of improving all aspects of material and spiritual life for the people. In the coming time, the provincial leaders expect all levels, sectors, businesses, domestic and foreign investors to always pay attention, accompany and support Becamex IDC in the construction of WTC BDNC; unite to create a commercial service platform of international stature in the Southern key economic zone on Binh Duong land.

WTC BDNC, Seoul World Trade Center, COEX, HKTDC, VCCI Vietnam sign strategic cooperation to develop WTC BDNC

At the ceremony, a strategic signing ceremony took place between WTC BDNC and World Trade Center Seoul (WTCS); COEX (the owner, operator of Korea's leading exhibition center and the largest organizer of trade conferences and exhibitions in Korea); HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council); VCCI Vietnam to develop WTC BDNC. The signing of this strategic cooperation is an important milestone for the preparation of action programs of partners with WTC BDNC in 2020, WTC BDNC's service development activities have been officially implemented since the beginning of 2020.

Provincial leaders and representatives of Associations and commercial organizations, WTC BDNC project implementation units carry out the ritual of pressing the official button to launch WTC BDNC development cooperation.

After the ceremony to announce the WTC BDNC and the signing of a strategic cooperation development WTC BDNC, Binh Duong province organized a 15-minute firework to congratulate the event.

Firework to congratulate the event​

The central square will be surrounded by functional facilities with a pleasing green oasis, including parks, lawns and water-covered areas accessible through covered pathways. The central commercial area will be a four-storeyed building with a floor area of 45,000sq.m. Many facilities such as movie theatres, a concert hall, a food court, a pedestrian street and a convention hall. The multi-use sports centre can accommodate 4,000 spectators, and will be suitable for sports as well as entertainment, concerts and cultural events. Public transportation and personal vehicles will be arranged along the roundabout, entrances and exits will be monitored and controlled to ensure the city’s transportation is not affected. All buildings will have pick-up and drop-off points for buses, taxis and personal vehicles. A high-rise parking space that can accommodate 600 cars will be adjacent to the multi-use complex. The parking lot will be within walking distance to other areas. The central metro station will stand at the centre of the roundabout, and will be a terminus on the Binh Duong – Suoi Tien line and an important interchange for the city’s public transport. There will be other services and facilities in the metro station like commercial areas, shops, supermarkets, and cultural and art spaces. Next to the central park adjacent to the central administration building and central roundabout will be office buildings, hotels, a convention centre, and indoor and outdoor exhibition centres catering to the increasing demand from industry. The surrounding areas will have modern residential areas welcoming new occupants to the city. With a design aimed at residents, all families will be able to use services and utilities within walking distance, under the shade system of rain, sun, shade trees. Pedestrian traffic will be separated from vehicle traffic through underground passageways and overpasses to ensure safety for everyone.

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