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Horasis Asia Meeting 2019 in Binh Duong province – the cooperation opportunity for the success
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29/11/2019 | Thuy Linh

​Continuing the success of the international events host by Binh Duong province including World Technopolis Association (WTA) and Horasis Asia Meeting Binh Duong 2018, Binh Duong continues to co-organize the Horasis Asia Meeting 2019.​

Being one of smart city events of the province, the Horasis Asia Meeting 2019 – an important international economic event co-hosted by Binh Duong People's Committee and Horasis took place from November 24 - 26, 2019 in Binh Duong New City with over 1.000 participants. Especially, Horasis Asia Meeting 2019 in Binh Duong had honor to welcome Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue, Member of Politburo, Deputy Prime Minister of Viet Nam Socialist Republic, representatives of Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Planning and Investment, Informations and Communications, leaders of provinces and cities including Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh cities, Binh Thuan, Binh Dinh, Long An, Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc provinces; 400 international guests from the Governments, ministries and branches; CEOs, General Directors of leading Corporations, Groups, key businesses, prestigious scientists from 60 countries and territories around the world together with 600 delegates from the Vietnamese Central Government, provinces, cities, Binh Duong province and leading local and national businesses.

Horasis 2019 included 4 Horasis plenary sessions and dialogue sessions with practical topics related to key issues in the current globalization era such as: New trends in economic and trade development of the world and the region, achievements in science and technology. Also within the forum's framework, delegates had the opportunity to attend the 15th Asia International Science Conference on Urbanization, launch various provincial science - technological projects especially launching ceremony of World Trade Center Binh Duong New City in the new urban area of Binh Duong province.

Horasis Asia Meeting 2019 discussed the economically fastest-growing continent, the world's new growth engine as well as the Asian forms' rise to global eminence, the Asia's role in shaping the new economic world; the smart city policies, issues related to anti-pollution goals, sustainable development, brands development across Asia, Asian start-ups nation building; challenges of the Industrial Revolution ​4.0, digitalization, robotization, global artificial Intelligence development, etc.

During two days, Horasis completed its mission to connect participants from countries and territories in the world, further promote the economic relations and provide business opportunities for businesses attending the events. At the event, Becamex IDC. Corporation (Binh Duong province) has signed the MOU with National University of Singapore on expanding BLOCK 71 aiming to cultivate a vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship development in Viet Nam. At the same time, Becamex IDC Corporation also has signed the MOU with Institue of Applied Mechanics and Infomatics, Viet Nam Academy Science and Technology on building the scientific Research Center.

Horasis Asia Meeting 2019 is a great opportunity for foreign politicians and entrepreneurs to explore and understand the country and people of Viet Nam generally and the business investment environment of Binh Duong province particularly; especially, investors will have more options for an attractive and reliable destination – Binh Duong province - the potential locality with many opportunities for prosperous and sustainable development.​

Horasis is a visions community – together with our members we explore, define, and implement trajectories of sustainable growth. Committed to inspiring the future, Horasis provides strategic foresight to public and private entities who envisage growing into global and principled organizations.

Horasis hosts annual economic summits, including the flagship Horasis Global Meeting in Cascais, Portugal, to advance solutions to the most critical challenges facing corporations today. Participants jointly identify globally relevant issues and develop interdisciplinary solutions. In the spirit of Cascais, the aim of the Horasis Global Meeting is to serve as an incubator for new initiatives in the year ahead.

Among the hundreds of participants are CEOs of the world’s most respected corporations, key leaders from emerging markets, and public figures including heads of government. Horasis also hosts regional summits including the annual Horasis China Meeting, Horasis India Meeting and Horasis Asia Meeting, in addition to the Horasis Visionary Circle – the world’s most trusted peer-to-peer group of entrepreneurs. (  

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