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Binh Duong pilots the deployment of Paperless Meeting Room
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21/09/2019 | Nguyen Trang
​BEGIC - On the morning of September 20th, at the Provincial Administration Center, Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee (PPC) held an Announcement ceremony of pilot deployment of VNPT paperless meeting room system - e-Cabinet.

Attending were Mr. Tran Thanh Liem - Chairman of PPC; representatives of departments, branches, unions of the province, People's Committees of districts, towns and cities.

E-Cabinet includes functions to support the work of the PPC before, during and after the PPC Meeting; manage to send opinion form to Members of PPC, send SMS and Email notifications to Members of the PPC, members in the PPC meeting, automatically warnings, remind deadline for members of the PPC and advisory department etc.

Delegates perform the launching ceremony of e-Cabinet system

The specific objective of the e-Cabinet has been identified as reducing the time of the PPC Meetings, striving to reduce the meeting time by 30% compared to the average of previous years. E-cabinet also minimizes the use of paper documents in PPC meetings. Strive to achieve the goal of the paperless in PPC meeting, using 100% of electronic documents in the PPC meetings (except for confidential documents).

E-Cabinet system brings many utilities

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman of the PPC Tran Thanh Liem highly appreciated the pilot implementation of the paperless meeting room; contribute towards the goal of building e-Government. Emphasizing the goal of the system is to help transform the working method from paper documents into an electronic environment, use electronic documents, create a modern, professional, transparent and effective working environment, reduce time, increase the timeliness and efficiency in job handling, Chairman of the PPC suggested that, the departments, agencies, and unions necessary to grasp the spirit of pioneering, fierce participation, strong innovation, mastering the operations to use the system competently. The active and effective operation of this system will help the PPC reach the target of reducing at least 30% of the time of PPC Meetings, at the same time minimize the use of paper documents in the PPC Meetings.

Delegates attending the PPC Meeting use laptops or tablets to exploit materials

Immediately after the e-Cabinet System officially deployed, Chairman of the PPC Tran Thanh Liem chaired the first PPC Meeting through this System through the Report on socio-economic situation, national defense and security in 9 months and key tasks for the remaining 3 months of 2019 and October 2019 agenda of the PPC.



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