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The monthly session of Binh Duong People’s Committee in August of 2019: Continue to review and control spontaneous residential areas
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28/08/2019 | Thuy Linh
​BEGIC - ​In the morning of August 27th, at the Binh Duong Administration Center, the Provincial People's Committee hold the monthly session of August, 2019. Mr. Tran Thanh Liem presided the session.

Participants were Vice Chairmen, members of the provincial People's Committee and leaders of departments and agencies, districts, towns and Thu Dau Mot City.

The provincial report on socio-economic security and defense situation of August, 2019 were approved. The provincial People's Committee's directed and promptly and efficiently deployed the prevention and control of African swine fever; flood and storm prevention, organizational structure and staffing; solved difficulties and problems of departments, branches and localities. Socio economic figures continued to grow; political security, social order were maintained. Industrial, agriculture production continued to develop, import – export turnover were increased significantly, FDI attraction rose in both project number and registered capital in comparison with the last period; budget revenue reached the proposed plan, expenditures was saved and efficient; bank bad debt decreased; the new school year was well prepared.

Compared to last month, social economic figures were increased. Specifically, the industrial production index rose by 6.59% over the previous month and an increase of 14.27% over the same period in 2018; Estimated total of commodity retail sales and service revenue was VND 18,864 billion, up 0.4% over the prev​ious month and up 20.3% over the same period. The consumer price index of 8 months increased by 2.14% over the same period; export turnover was estimated at 3 billion 404 million US dollars, up 52.5% over the previous month and up 54% over the same period; Import turnover in August was estimated at US $ 2 billion, reaching US $ 187 million, up 22.2% over the previous month and up 33.6% over the same period. 8-month export and import surplus7-month surplus of import and export reached US $ 3.8 billion. Provincial budget is estimated to reach 4,360 billion dong, up 19% over the same period and reaching 72% of the proposed figure the provincial People's Council; State expenditure was 1,371 billion Dong, up 11% over the same period and reaching 38% of the estimate.

In term of investment attraction, from July 16 to August 15, 2019, the province has attracted 7,469 billion dong of domestic businesses and 389 million USD of FDI capital. Since the beginning of the year, Binh Duong province has attracted nearly 40,440 billion dong of domestic investment, including 4,130 newly registered enterprises and 558 enterprises increasing capital; FDI attraction attracted 1.942 billion US dollars (up 74% over the same period), including 146 new projects, 104 capital adjusted projects and 40 contributed capital projects.

Social security continued to be ensured. The province deployed solutions on reducing sustainable poverty, granted TV to 1,101 poor householders, ensured social welfares for invalids, martyrs and people with meritorious services on the occasion of the War Invalids and Martyrs Day 27/7 and the August Revolution, National Day 02/9. In 8 months, the province has created new jobs for 31,988 workers (reaching over 71.1% of the plan in 2019).

At the meeting, the provincial People's Committee noted the handling the problems difficulties arising but still faced many challenges including African swine fever, low public investment disbursement, increased traffic accidents, complex epidemics, crimes, fires.

Phienhopthang8 2.jpg

Inspecting spontaneous residential areas

Close the meeting, Mr. Tran Than Lime, Chairman of Provincial People's Committee requested departments, branches, agencies, districts, towns and Thu Daub Mot City to focus on overcoming difficulties, accelerating to disburse public investment capital, organizing dialogues with businesses, industrial associations; strictly managing revenue sources and handling tax arrears; reviewing and handling spontaneous residential areas, establishing regulations on management of planning and architecture of 03 routes: Binh Duong Boulevard, My Phuoc - Tan Van and DT.743 ...


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