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Binh Duong builds a Science and Technology industrial park to promote the development of high-tech industries
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15/08/2019 | Nguyen Trang
BEGIC - ​Facing with opportunities and challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and especially the construction of smart city, Binh Duong is targeting models of smart industrial parks and science and technology industrial parks to be ready to welcome new investment waves in the new context.

Breakthrough to promote development of the Northern region of the province

The program "Innovation to attract investment in the period of 2016-2020" focuses on the field of trade - services, urban development projects, high-tech agriculture, high-tech production, supporting industries, less polluting the environment and the ability to make major contributions to the budget. Developing science and technology industrial park is one of the key projects to create a groundbreaking breakthrough for the formation of an innovation ecosystem, aiming to attract high-value production investment, gradually building high-tech production in the strategic industries of the province.

According to the planning on development of industrial parks in Binh Duong province to 2020, it is expected that Binh Duong will build a Science and Technology industrial park with an area of 900ha in Bau Bang district to attract science and technology enterprises to invest. Thereby, forming a private industrial park for businesses in the field with high levels of gray matter and added-value; promoting research and technology transfer centers and attracting knowledge and skilled workers.

According to international consultants from the Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, to establish a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Binh Duong, it is necessary to change the economic structure from labor-intensive industries to higher value-added industries, based on technology and knowledge. To develop modern and synchronous infrastructure, the key to success Science and Technology Industrial park lies in the construction of soft institutions through incentive policies, modern governance systems and promote of the creation of innovative ecosystems based on close cooperation and interaction among innovative innovators in the region. Operational model of Science and Technology industrial park must meet the increasing demand for the cooperation between enterprise - institute/ school to improve local innovation capacity. Besides, to promote industrial structural transformation of Binh Duong, it is necessary to establish a system to promote regional strategic industries and support businesses, incubate and attract technology companies.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Vu - Deputy General Director of Becamex IDC said, Becamex IDC was assigned by the Provincial People's Committee to study and build Science and Technology industrial park. The orientation to develop the operation model of the project is to build a platform of innovative playgrounds, in which this Industrial park will play a role in building a nuclear platform to create innovation based on the region's knowledge and support the innovation ecosystem. Industrial park also supports foreign companies to promote the development of high-tech industries in the region; at the same time establishing a support system to nurture technology companies and attract foreign technology companies.

Orientation to develop spatial planning of Science and Technology industrial park including: University and institute (training center to attract high-tech human resources, research on technology transfer); Industrial parks (attracting corporations, especially small-medium enterprises, start-up enterprises in spearhead manufacturing industries with high added value); service urban areas (creating an ideal living environment for experts, engineers, scientists etc.); community cultural and sports areas (creating mental and physical cultural institutions for active and modern lifestyles); business park (providing office space, research facilities for laboratories, designing, producing sample products etc. for technology enterprises).

"The goal of building Science and Technology industrial park to promote the development of the Northern region of Binh Duong, focusing on both high value-added production and research/development of science and technology, training of human resources and building a good living environment for experts"- Mr. Vu said.

Support from international partners

An important milestone in expanding international relations of Binh Duong in 2018 was Binh Duong became a member of the World Technopolis Association (WTA), selected by WTA to host 2018 events on the 20th anniversary of WTA. This is a very important turning point for Binh Duong to take advantage of relationships with WTA members in building smart urban areas.

To build the Science and Technology industrial park, Becamex IDC worked with consulting units, especially working closely with WTA to develop development models, ideas, plans, strategies and policies that give direction to the key development industries. According to WTA experts, in order to have a proper Science and Technology industrial park, it is necessary to prepare well, from technology infrastructure, people, policy mechanisms etc. rather than just having the name of Science and Technology industrial park.

In addition, the role of the Science and Technology industrial park will focus on programs to promote the cooperation between enterprise - institute/ school in considering the region's innovation system; identify key industries that need to attract Science and Technology industrial park to promote industry and improve technology in Binh Duong. The model also encourages the development of policies and programs to enhance the innovation environment in Binh Duong.

Recently, the WTA expert team consisted of many professors from famous universities in Korea who conducted practical research and surveys in Binh Duong to work with related parties. Along with that, Becamex IDC has cooperated with planning consultant from Singapore to study the integration of space and works, in order to create an ideal environment to promote innovation, interactivity, links between the main subjects. The two units also set up the plan of preliminary planning and functional subdivision; the overall planning and urban design scheme includes greenery, water surface, public transport, bicycle, walking, green infrastructure solutions.​

In addition, Becamex IDC is actively working with partners who are high-tech manufacturing investors, infrastructure development corporations of the Netherlands, Japan and Korea, to promote the participation of important partners as well as to prepare for first customers of Science and Technology industrial park. It is expected that semiconductor manufacturing factory will be the first customer of Science and Technology industrial park.

After completing the research project, Becamex IDC will submit and request the provincial policy to soon implement the project.

According to Mr. Vu, this is a new pilot model, learning experiences from developed countries, it is necessary to pay attention to support policies and mechanisms from local and central governments. The success of this project will create a turning point for B​​inh Duong in the future to gradually forming a high-tech production ecosystem, knowledge-based center and dynamic spot of the whole country. Therefore, Becamex IDC will consult with the Government to issue preferential policies and programs to promote the attraction of technology research and development activities, high-tech manufacturing industries and domestic and international experts.

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