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Binh Duong Electricity deploys to install solar power system on the roof
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03/05/2019 | Nguyen Trang

BEGIC - ​Implementation of the National Program on Electricity Demand Management for the period of 2018-2020, orientation to 2030 (National Program on DSM), EVN Binh Duong deployed to install the solar power system on the roof (also known as the solar roof) in residential communities and production/service businesses in the province.

Accordingly, installing (free) two-way measuring meter to measure electricity, signing a contract to buy surplus electricity from solar roof electricity system of households and enterprises on the grid; monthly payment at the specified price, implementation (free) records related to the connection to the grid, recording the index, payment of solar roof electricity to customers on a monthly basis.

Willing to advise people and businesses about solar roof related contents, electric load adjustment program when contacting district, town and city electricity or call the Customer Care Center at 19001006 or 19009000.

Operation principle of solar roof system

According to Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), if installing solar roofs, people will not have to worry much about electricity when they produce electricity themselves. The amount of unused solar power will be acquired by the electricity industry at a price of up to VND 2,086 /electricity, higher than the current average retail price of about VND 300/ electricity.

The national program on DSM is implemented in accordance with the development trend of the energy industry, electricity industry and national electricity development planning, ensure all social resources, efficiency and benefits of electricity consumers and electricity units in the process chain from electricity production, power transmission, electricity distribution, electricity sales and electricity use.

The specific goal is to strive to reduce the peak load capacity of the national power system (compared with the forecast of electricity load demand in the national electricity development plan) about 300 MW by 2020, 1,000 MW by 2025 and 2,000 MW by 2030 through the implementation of the National Program on DSM; the load factor of national electricity system (Kpt) increased from l% -2% in the period 2018-2020 and 3% -4% in the period from 2021 to 2030.

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