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34 teams participate in the 1st VGU Robocon Contest
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03/05/2019 | Nguyen Trang

​BEGIC - On the morning of April 21st, in Thu Dau Mot city, the Vietnam Student Association of Binh Duong province cooperates with VGU to hold a seminar to introduce the 1st VGU Robocon Contest in 2019.

The VGU Robocon Contest is a miniature simulation of the famous International Robocon Contest to create conditions for local engineering students to exchange and compete. The subject of the Contest is "Mining Ore and Minerals", the player's robot moves in the playground, pushes objects (ore and minerals) to their storage-zone to score points. Each participating team builds 2 robots, including 1 manual control robot and 1 automatically robot. The contest will be officially held on May 11-12, 2019 at VGU; divided into parallel tables, each match will play 2 teams/ yard. There are 5 rounds: knockout rounds, 16 rounds, quarter finals, semifinals and finals.

Attending this year contest are 34 teams from universities and colleges inside and outside the province.

Robot 1.jpg

The seminar

At the seminar, the contestants were instructed, consulted and answered all necessary questions about technical and experiences when participating in the Contest. Dr. Mark Spittle, Doctor of Artificial Intelligence presented the topic "Artificial intelligence and Robotics - Don't believe in hype" and Master Bien Minh Tri - Head of Robotics Laboratory at VGU presented the topic "Experiences when participating in the Robocon contest". Robotics and Electronics Club (REC) of VGU shared technical strategies and guided the contestants on how the Organizing Committee uses Computer Vision algorithm to read the coordinates of objects, how to connect the player's robots to the data system of the Organizer.

Robot 3.jpg

Speaker present at the seminar

The seminar encouraged the creative and innovative passion of students for making robots through sharing from speakers. In addition, this is also an opportunity for teams to meet and get to know each other; contribute to spreading the "heat" of the Contest to student c​ommunity inside and outside the province.​​​

Robot 5.jpg 

Robot 6.jpg

A demo robot model of contestants

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