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Delegation of board of audit of Japan to visit Binh Duong province for public transport project
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13/03/2019 | Thanh Ha
BEGIC - With the authorization
of Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee, in the morning of 13 March 2019, at
the meeting room of Binh Duong Department of Transport (DOT), Mr. Tran Ba Luan
– Director of DOT has received the delegation of Board of
Audit of Japan led by Mr. Tomoaki Kanazawa – First Bureau, Foreign Affairs
Audit Division, Board of Audit of Japan in the working trip to Binh Duong

At the working session, the two sides have clearly exchanges opinions, ideas relating to the Project for Enhancing Management Capacity of Transport System focused on Public Transport in Binh Duong province. The Project was carried out from April 2015 to August 2018. The overall goal is to enhance public transport system in the province with the project purpose of strengthen the institutional capacity of policy development and implementation on the public transport system development of Binh Duong province.

Several outputs of the above mentioned Project have been clearly identified during the meeting. The first achievement of the project is that Binh Duong DOT has gradually improved the bus system, with good design of bus network, appropriate operation plan, improved operation management and planning fleet investment. The second output concerns the Bus Pilot Projects. Binh Duong has introduced punctual bus operation with time table along the pilot project bus routes; introduced IC-Card System on pilot project bus routes as well as monitored attitude of bus drivers and conductors toward passengers (yet manual for bus driver was made to improve service to passengers).  During the project, mobility management activities have been carried out. Mobility Management workshops for admin, university students, residents, officers, elementary school children in Binh Duong New city were successfully conducted. And finally, with the Park & Ride Pilot Project, 3 locations of Park & Ride have been implemented at (1) Becamex Tower, (2) at Phu Loi – Le Thi Trung, and (3) at Provincial Library to make it more convenient for bus users.


Becamex Tower Park & Ride for bus users

The DOT confirmed that through the project activities, DOT and relevant agencies have improved their knowledge on: bus network improvement, development of bus timetable, bus IC card system, planning and operation of Park and Ride, and mobility management. Furthermore, based on the suggestions from the project, “Bus Service Improvement Plan 2018-2020 period” was developed but DOT and approved in July 2018 by Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee. The above plan includes all knowledge learned from JICA projects to improve the bus service, including investment in technical infrastructure for public transport such as installation of bus stops, paint marking and information signs, supporting local bus company with soft loans for investment in bus vehicles, subsidy for monthly commuting pass for passengers, subsidy for parking fee at terminal, subsidy for bus operation on 3 new bus routes, etc. The DOT will continue to implement pilot project to other local wards in Binh Duong province to encourage people to join buses in the future.

Knowing that the Project has been successfully implemented in Binh Duong province, and specifically for the Kaze Bus (Becamex Tokyu Bus), there is a light increasing of bus users due to its good service and convenient, Mr. Tomoaki Kanazawa expressed his congratulation for the project and confirmed that the Japan’s side, including Japan International Cooperation Agency Vietnam Office will continue to support these projects for enhancing public transport in Binh Duong province in the time to come, especially the “Bus Service Improvement Plan 2018-2020 period”. Right after the working session, the Delegation has taken the Kaze bus to experience the service provided by Becamex Tokyu Bus.

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