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Plenary sessions of Horasis 2018: The outlook of Asia’s economy
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29/11/2018 | Ngoc Diep

BEGIC - The Asian Economic Cooperation Forum (Horasis) in 2018 continued its working agenda with the plenary sessions discussing on the outlook of Asia's economy and the role of ASEAN in Asia's development.


​Leaders of provincial departments and sectors, high ranking leaders and CEOs of enterprises from countries and those of top leading enterprises in Viet Nam, researchers from domestic provinces and other countries joined the sessions.​

Outlook and challenges

At the thematic plenary session "the economic outlook", the speakers including Juan Jose Guemes, Chairman of Startup, Creativity and Innovation Center, IE Business School of Spain; Rajive Kaul, Chairman Nicco Group of India; Don Lam, CEO and Co-founder of VinaCapital, Viet Nam; Diana Mao, Chairwoman of Nominetwork, United State; Pham Hong Hai, CEO of SHBC Viet Nam spoke of the outlook of Asia's economy. They all agreed that while many challenges have arisen, Asia's economy is gaining high growth rate, becoming a driving force and connecting the world's economy in the next coming years. Many Asian countries have been reformed commercial activities and investment mechanism with greater priorities for the management of micro-economy, public finance and public activities. They, however, argued that Asia needs suitable policies to tackle such challenges as: low productivity, population growth, poverty, negative impacts of urbanization, capability to access the 4.0 industrial revolution, potential risks, geo-political conflicts. The arising issue is the commercial war between China and The US. According to the speakers, the escalation in the commercial relation between these two countries would influence the world's trade and economy, global production network and supply chain.

Delegates at the plenary session

The advantages and challenges of certain countries in the new trends were also mentioned. In terms of Viet Nam's economy, the speakers said that in short term, it would benefit from good prospect of global trading and economic growth. However, to boost its economic growth, Viet Nam would be requested to improve its economic structure and to empower itself against risks.

Cooperation between ASEAN countries should be promoted

The thematic session: "ASEAN and the newly emerging countries of Asia" welcomed those speakers including Thet Thet Khine, Member of Myanmar's Parliament; Prinn Panichpakdi, Mayor of Thailand's Stock Exchange Department; Bryan Yang, CEO of Inspiration Inc. from China; Tang Jinlan, CEO and Co-founder of Insignia Ventures Partners of Singapore; Huynh Quang Hai, Executive member of VSIP Group's Management Board of Viet Nam

The discussion was about the important role of ASEAN to the development of Asia. Accordingly, the speakers came to common point of view that ASEAN is becoming more and more important to peace, stability and prosperity of the region. Over the past 50 years, ASEAN has had stronger influences and become more responsible to the common interests of international community, especially in the fields of cooperation and sustainable development, response to climate change….

Speakers at the thematic plenary session "ASEAN and the newly emerging countries of Asia"

At the plenary session, the speakers believed that the development of ASEAN would benefit its members. ASEAN helps countries to exchange and share experiences and cooperate for development. Huynh Quang Hai, Executive member of VSIP Group's Management Board of Viet Nam revealed that VISP has been one of the successful projects between Viet Nam and Singapore, the two ASEAN countries. The model of VSIP is now built in 5 provinces and cities in Viet Nam. Smarter infrastructure and more stable power sources are among the criteria of newly-built IPs. VSIP is now cooperating with its partners in Singapore to apply new technologies of waste water treatment and clean water supply, garbage collection….

 ​The speakers also put on the discussion the solutions to build up suitable business climate that helps ASEAN's business communities to develop better. ASEAN's member countries should realize clearly the opportunities and challenges to unceasingly innovate and go ahead, contributing to peace, stability and development of the region and the world.


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