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Viet Nam – German University (VGU) celebrated its 10 year Anniversary
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11/09/2018 | Ngoc Diep

BEGIC - ​Viet Nam German University (VGU) has held its 10 anniversary of establishment (2008 – 2018).

Vu Duc Dam, member of the Central Party Committee, Deputy Prime Minister; Boris Rhein, Minister of Science and Arts of German Hassen State; Nguyen Van Phuc Deputy Minister of Training and Education Ministry; Nguyen Thien Nhan, Politburo member, Secretary of HCMC Party Committee; Tran Van Nam, Member of The Party Central Committee, Secretary of Binh Duong Party Committee, Head of the National Assembly Delegation of Binh Duong province; Tran Thanh Liem, Vice Secretary of provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Binh Duong provincial People's Committee; leaders of provincial People's Council, People's Committee and businesses, partners, lecturers, student..attended the ceremony.

Vu Duc Dam, Deputy Prime Minister had a talk with Tran van Nam, Secretary of provincial Party Committee

Delegates to the ceremony

VGU was founded in September 1st 2008 aiming at becoming Viet Nam's top leading university, study and research institute that will develop to the regional and international scale. It has now the staff of 150 who is professionally trained and can master at least one foreign language (English). Many of them had followed studying and accomplished the PhD programs in Germany. VGU is now in cooperation with 9 German top leading universities to train 11 programs including 5 for university level programs and 6 for graduate level ones. Approximately, 2,200 students of VGU have followed progressive training programs of German education. 674 students have graduated and been certificated by German's partner universities. Over 95% of graduate students have been well employed.


Vu Duc Dam, member of the Central Party Committee, Deputy Prime Mi​nister addressed at the ceremony

Addressing the ceremony, Deputy prime minister Vu Duc Dam affirmed that VGU is considered the symbol of friendship and cooperation and the highlight of cooperation between Viet Nam and German's education. He emphasized the role of training and education in improving the competitiveness index of Viet Nam, especially in the background of 4.0 industry revolution while urging that VGU should continue perfect its organization and management to become the model of university that will spread out to other universities in Viet Nam. It should concentrate great sources and cooperate with potential partners to apply modern training programs internationally. The Deputy Prime Minister also mentioned the quality of lecturers, encouraged startups. "The success of VGU is not the number of graduate students who are employed but the number of projects, innovation and businesses from the startup programs of VGU itself" stressed Dam.

He added that VGU should further cooperate with modern universities, accelerating the construction for new facility. On behalf of Viet Nam's Government, he expressed his thanks to Government of Germany, Hassen State, World Bank, organizations and businesses for their kindly support and cooperation. He highly appreciated the contribution of Binh Duong and HCMC authorities and people to the development of VGU for the past 10 years.

Đại học Việt Đức và Công ty Siemens Việt Nam ký kết hợp tác đào tạo và nghiên cứu về công nghiệp 4.0.

 On this occasion, VGU handed the Devotion Awards to individuals who have made excellent contribution to the development of VGU, the Awards of Excellent Teaching and the Awards of Social Responsibility to its staff. VGU and Siemens Cooperate signed the cooperation on 4.0 study and training.


Devotion Awards were offered to individuals who have made excellent contribution to the development of VGU


VGU and Siemens Cooperate signed the cooperation on 4.0 study and training


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