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Provincial leader received VESAMO
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07/07/2018 | Ngoc Diep

BEGIC - ​Late July 6th 2018, Dang Minh Hung, Vice-Chairman of provincial People's Committee received the delegation of the Association of People Loving Vietnam in the Republic of Korea (VESAMO) led by Chang Ho Ick, the chairman of the Association.

Mr. Chang Ho Ick thanked local authorities for warm welcome, while saying that VESAMO was founded in 2002 under the management of South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has more than 100 members including scholars, lawyers, customers, artists, painters mainly in Busan, Ulsan and Kyeongnam. VESAMO has helped and supports Vietnamese people to South Korea and organized social activities to build up the mutual cooperation and friendship between the two countries such as: the Walk in commemoration of great events, donation for needy children and the victims of Orange Agent/Dioxin in Vietnam. He affirmed that members of VESAMO share the same love for Viet Nam and will try to promote cultural exchanges and the friendship between South Korea and Vietnam in general and South Korea and Binh Duong in particular.

VESAMO 2.jpg

Dang Minh Hung, Vice-Chairman of provincial People's Committee offered souvenirs to Chang Ho Ick, VESAMO's chairman

Expressing his grateful thanks to the contributions of VESAMO to Viet Nam and Binh Duong, Dang Minh Hung, Vice-Chairman of provincial People's Committee expected that VESAMO will continue to help Vietnamese who are living and working n Korea; organize meaningful activities to help needy students, victims of Orange Agent/Dioxin; boost cultural exchanges and support Vietnamese students, laborers and brides to stabilize their lives in Korea.

VESAMO 3.jpg

Representatives took photos at the reception

Early July 6th 2018, VESAMO visited Ms Dang Kim Anh in Dau Tieng District and offered her a house valued at USD 3,000. The delegation also handed 30 packs of gifts, each valued at USD 150 to victims of Orange Agent/Dioxin.

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