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Binh Duong provincial Friendship Association boosts its diplomatic activities in 2018
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06/02/2018 | Ngọc Diệp
BEGIC - Late February 5th 2018, The
Friendship Association of Binh Duong province summed up its operation in 2017
and deployed its tasks in 2018 at the provincial Administrative center.

Reportedly, in 2017, the Association renovated its operation, created real and significant activities contributing to enhancing the cooperation of Binh Duong with other countries, building trust and bilateral understanding between local people and international counterparts. The Association implemented many effective activities, proactively and positively pushed up activities of peace, friendship and cooperation.

In 2017, the tasks of public diplomacy run by the Association were targeted at neighboring countries and those with cooperative and friendship relations to push up the activities of trade, investment, culture, education, healthcare and science and technology.

Binh Duong provincial Friendship Association offered gifts and scholarships to Students of Laos and Cambodia who are studying in Military Engineering School

Great attention was paid to the tasks of mobilizing aids from NGOs with high efficiency. With its promotion activities, the Association helped 8 organizations to be granted with approvals by provincial People’s Committee to start 10 projects with the total capitals of over USD 700,000, increasing by 21.48% compared to 2016. The tasks of charity attracted attention of the Association’s members. In 2017, the sub-associations mobilized over VND 1 billion for medical treatment, scholarships and gifts for poor households of Laos and Cambodia.

In addition, the tasks of foreign information were constantly implemented; the tasks of building and developing sub-associations drew attention.

With its achievements, in 2018, the Association will continue speeding up its diplomatic activities to reinforce the public relations with neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia. It will implement and strengthen its role as a bridge to push up exchanges, cooperation on the fields of economy, culture, science and technology, charity. Besides, the Association will set up more channels of foreign information, widen exchanging and solidarity activities to make the bilateral understanding between Binh Duong’s people and those of other countries that have friendship relation with Binh Duong.


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